One of the major reasons why businesses starve is the lack of website traffic. Ironically, most of such brands do not believe that SEO helps in generating leads and are not willing to invest in search engine optimization. SEO is not only beneficial, but over the last few years, it has become a marketing necessity. Before we move any further, it’s important for you to understand how search engines work and how websites are ranked.

  • Relevance: Is your site relevant to the customers and helps in providing desired answers?
  • Importance: Is the content good enough and a source of crucial information?
  • Popularity: Is the website visited more often than its contemporaries?

These simple points make a lot of sense. Search engines solely aim to provide quality results to its users. Google receives about 2 billion searches a day. And Google is not the only search engine out there. That itself shows how imperative it is for your brand’s website to show up on the top. There’s a lot of potential for your brand’s growth. All you have to do is work up on your visibility. From a brand’s point of view, it is extremely powerful being on the top of the results page. Go through the following facts for a better understanding of how effective SEO can boost your business:

  • Around 93% of internet users begin their online experience through search engines.
  • The top three Google search results get 60% of the clicks.
  • Of the top three, the first result garners 33% of the clicks.

These statistics are backed by endless case studies and reports by HubSpot, Search Engine Journal and Search Engine Watch.

A higher ranking means increased traffic. Increased traffic implies increased sales (given that the services you’re offering are top notch). Reaching the top of search engine result page is no child’s play. It’s important that search robots/crawlers are able to crawl through your website. For that to happen, it’s critical that your website is optimized and all the pages focus around the theme of your website so that you get as much SEO juice as possible. Knowing your target audience is equally important. It helps you come up with relevant content that resonates with your buyers. Employing the right keywords in your content is something that can make your business important and valuable to the customers. The most important keywords are those which focus on the buyers’ intent. Researching the keywords that focus on volumes and intents, and then prioritizing the content around these researched keywords shapes the future of your website.

In this article we have just scraped the tip the iceberg called SEO. Search engine optimization lets the search engines get a better understanding of your website and that helps them to rank you accordingly. A good SEO approach would get you more traffic and help you gain more customers. Let’s be honest, statistics do not lie. Everyone everywhere is searching for something or the other and it’s pressing that you show up just when they need you the most. That is what SEO is all about.

Source by Shabana Gandhi

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