Keeping Your Website Fresh With SEO Tricks

  • September 23, 2022
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If you have ever taken the time to design a website, or have one made, you realize the tedious nature of the process. The graphical representation, the content, the functionality, and how user friendly it must be. And once it is all over, you think “WHEW!, Glad that’s done.”. But what you may not know is that the only way to keep people coming back, and keep Google ranking your site, is to constantly keep your site fresh. There are a number of little changes you can do every month to keep things fresh and keep the fish biting. We’ll go over some here.

A very easy thing to do is to create new content to put on your site regularly. Even if you are a site that is generally static and doesn’t really need to update content for business purposes, changing up the articles, even your company bio, will keep you on top off the polls on keyword Search Engine Optimization. Simple word and phrase changes can help as well. Ultimately it’s just better to add new and fresh articles even if they revolve around the same subject matter; images and videos as well.

I know it seems like the right thing to do, but using “Under Construction” listing is just not very professional. Even if you use some of those great images that people create. The thing is, it’s better to not have the page until its ready. Or at least create the page and put some minimal content on it. That page won’t pop on the top Google SEO ratings radar and that may very well be the page people are looking for. You have to think about the ramifications of doing passé work like that. Unfortunately it can look lazy and it’ll benefit you to avoid the practice.

If you happen to have a large complex site, always use a sitemap. Not only is it confusing to not have one, but it makes it harder for people to find your pages that may be a little hidden. Less people visit towns they don’t have a map or GPS of; and it’s certainly harder to find what they are looking for if they can’t search for it in some fashion. This is also another way of being more complete and having a better change of your keyword hits increasing.

The last thing we will go over briefly here is the use of SEO and search engine friendly links. When creating the URL of your site and sublinks, you should think carefully about what you name them. It is very good practice to name your links after the content on the page and to then keyword the content pertaining to the URL name. SO if you have a page about Shi Tzus on a site about dogs… name the page MyDogDomain.comabout_shi-tzus. That way when people are searching for information about them, they will hit your link name and your content. Ask your site’s SEO expert about how to do this with ease.

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