Let’s face it – SEO is not easy for any business. It becomes even more complicated when you’ve limited money, time and resources. According to the latest Cluth Survey “More than 36% of small businesses have already an SEO strategy and rest 23% are planning to develop one.”

In order to maintain and develop a long-term SEO strategy, it is important for small business owners to understand the best way to measure their SEO success. As a small business owner if you are looking for ways if your SEO strategy is working, then here are the three SEO success metrics that can be helpful.

  1. Traffic Retention

  2. Backlink quality

  3. Conversion rate

Let’s have a look below how these three metrics can help you measuring SEO success.

  • Traffic Retention for measuring quality search audiences

Every business wants to draw the attention of quality traffic to their website. Here Google Analytics play a crucial role. It is one of the effective measures to know what type of audience you want to target and what type of audience is visiting your website. There are two metrics in particular that can help small business owners to decide the quality of your search traffic. These are – Scroll depth and Bounce Rate.

  • While Scroll depth determines how far your visitors scroll down specific web pages. If they scroll down the entire page, it means your audience is keen to read the topic.

  • Bounce Rate refers to those searchers who visited a single page of your website but then left your site without browsing other pages.

  • Backlink Quality defines the impact of Inbound Links

The quality of a backlink is measured by the total number of links from sites with high Domain Authority. To know the quality of the backlinks used in your site, you need to make sure that these are relevant and endorsed from new domains that can have more impact.

Although you can’t control all links coming to your website, you can target the quality of those links via outreach to guest posting. Make sure your targets should include websites that offer domain authority, a new audience, and website relevancy.

3. Conversion Rate Offers Insight about SEO strategy Effectiveness

Conversion rates play a major role to measure small business performance metrics.

It enables you to know how well you are achieving SEO goals, along with the scope of success.

SEO success largely depends on generating many leads as possible. The conversion rate is the total number of website visitors who are becoming your potential clients. By tracking this, small businesses can easily measure the impact of their SEO on their revenue.

Wrapping the post

Every business needs context and time to measure and earn SEO success. By understanding the right metrics for measuring SEO success, you will surely lead the race and become a winner.

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