There are many things, which can affect the ranking of a site on the search engines, and the more that you learn about them, the better equipped you will be to face them as they come. Staying high on the search engine listings is essential to the survival of a website, especially one with a financial model in place. But many people with websites do not realize the far reaching impact or the components of success. If you are thinking of starting a website, or perhaps you have one that is not performing as you would like for it to, then consider the following things, which do affect website rankings:

Relevant Content

Search engines such as Google have gotten quite good at determining dummy sites from sites that actually contain value. Their bots analyze the written content on a page as well as the tags, and they use their formulas to determine whether a piece of content is relevant, or whether it is simply wasted space designed to attract eyes and get users to click on advertising links. If you are starting your site soon, this is the first area you must have covered. Make sure that your site is relevant and frequent in its posting in order to keep users coming back for more and telling their friends.

Unique Page Views

The amount of page views that your website receives also has a lot to do with its search engine ranking. While many people can come across your site in a given month – after all, the Internet is a global marketplace – it is a sign of quality content when specific pages are viewed other than the home page. This shows that a user has delved in to your site with a little more detail. In other words, they have seen something that compelled them, and now they want to know more. That’s a big deal in the eyes of websites.

Link Architecture

While you may not realize that the way you present links on your website is important, it is an integrated way of getting people to view multiple pages of content through clever linking that ties in one page to another. Instead of saying “Click here,” for instance, you could highlight a phrase of specific interest that relates to another web page on your site and add hyperlink. This is a great way of piquing reader curiosity and compelling them to read more.


The more special advertising relationships that you can develop, the more relevant your site will seem in the eyes of the search engines. While anyone can sign up for Google AdWords, it takes a commitment to quality to attract outside interest from sponsors and banner advertisers. Do this, and watch your rankings soar.

Source by Darren W Chow

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