You need to recruit a candidate who will be responsible to handle and manage your upcoming projects.

Asking common questions in the interviews such as; “How long have you been exposed to manage a project team?”, “What will you do if the clients extend the projects’ dateline?”, “What if your team members refused to abide to your instructions which will eventually affect your project completion?”

All questions asked. Candidates had given the best answers as you expect. They have the necessary knowledge and exposure to handle the situations which you could foresee in your projects.However, you feel there is something lacking which you are not sure what it is. You are impressed by their responses however on the other hand you are still not sure whether he has the genuine qualities who could survive in your company and manage your projects till completion.

No worries. Now grab a page of his handwriting. You have already in mind what type of candidate you deem fit for the opening position. Your organization needs someone who could manage the projects dynamically and definitely complete it not halfway done.

Focus on the way the candidates formed their lower zone loops. Check their letters ‘y’ and ‘g’.

Lower zone area tells about the activity, our attitudes towards material and biological areas of life. If we write and emphasize on lower zone, it explains that we focus our interest in material life, sex and money. Therefore, if there is shorter lower loops, it signifies we have lack of interest in those areas or lack of energy to encourage ourselves to fulfill it.

If you found short lower loops on your candidate’s handwriting, that actually reflects he has lack of energy to complete tasks that need to be completed in a shorter duration. This is so as he may lose the interest and is discouraged. Do take note also on the pressure of his lower loops. Strong pressure means that your candidate will work hard but his endurance and stamina might be constraint. On the other hand he might be laid-back if there is lighter pressure and he runs only his daily necessity. Do you think he will suit that position? (I hope you will reply a hell to the no for this candidate).

On the other hand, how about if the candidate possess a moderate lower zone? This trait means that he is full of life and productive individual. You could expect endurance and persistence if you notice that the loops increase in length. Probably, he could be the potential candidate especially if you are looking for someone who is dynamic and positively fruitful for your organization.

Hold on a second, what if another candidate has longer lower loops than the candidate with moderate lower loops? Should you just employ him instead since longer loops could mean more active and productive?

Do not make the decision right away. The longer lower loops signify that the candidate has greater interest to satisfy his material and physical desires. Expect this person to react and jump into doing things without planning. He might not even easily let go once he gets fixed on an idea. This would mean there will be inclination to be assertive and prejudiced about her beliefs. It could also mean that he could not sit still, relax and hates routine if the loops are much longer.

In exception to other traits, would you contact the candidate who has the short, moderate or long lower loops for a second interview?

I have unlocked the code, it is your chance to decide now.

Source by S. Sulianah

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