Make Money Online 2 – Setting up Your Website

  • September 23, 2022
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If you got here before having your game plan on how to make money online, please check my previous post on how to create your game plan. Most probably, your game plan will require you to create a blog/website for your niche market, but if you don’t need one, you can certainly skip this article.

First of all, you need to have your own domain name and hosting for your own website. Why ? Because of credibility factor. People will certainly trust a website with a .com than a or any other geocities website. Also, remember to use a .com instead of a .info, .tv, .name, etc although they are cheaper. Believe me, .com will certainly pay off and make sure you choose a domain that is easy to remember and relates to your niche. Obviously, has to be site offering service to play piano, not guitar, cello, etc. I myself would avoid using any hypen ‘-‘ whenever possible. For registering your domain name, I suggest godaddy and for hosting, I think hostgator offer the best hosting options.

After you have your domain name and hosting ready, make sure that you installed fantastico and wordpress from your cpanel menu. When it comes to blogging, blogger and wordpress are the top choices used by most people. Blogger is owned by Google and most perceive that since blogger is owned by google, then it must be getting indexed faster than using wordpress. Not True!! I have created a couple of websites using blogger and wordpress, and sometimes wordpress is even getting indexed faster than using blogger. WordPress is also easy to use and it comes with a lot of powerful plugins made ready to optimize your website and search engine rankings. Furthermore, you wont be owned by Google :). Next, If you dont like how your website looks like, you can go find to for thousands of free wordpress themes for you to choose. Obviously, you want to find the one that is easy to read and suits your niche market.

Creating content is one of the most important part of blogging. Remember the old sayin: “Content is King”. In order to drive traffic to your site, you will need to prepare some unique and useful information for your visitors. There are a couple of ways to get your content:

1. Write the content yourself. Your topic has to be something you love. Eventhough you are not a good writer, as long as you can write something of value and your visitors understand what your point is, you should be in a pretty good shape, but writing the content can be a very tedious and time consuming part.

2. If you are not a good writer and you dont like to write, then you can find a third party to create an article for you. Usually they will charge per article depending on the number of words, but usually a 500 words article will cost around $5 – $10/article. Just remember to know what topics are hot among your niche market before you get a ghost writer to write for you. You can find these writers in popular forums like wickedfire forum, or the digital point forum, Elance, Rentacoder, etc.

3. PLR articles. Public License Right articles are articles that are free for you to use, and you can even put your name as the writer, but the problem with PLR articles are most of them are junks, and since a lot of other people are using it, finding a couple of articles around the web with different name as the writer can cause a tear on your reputation and credibility on your website. This is not recommended and you decide to use PLR articles, I suggest that you use it sparringly.

4. News feed. By using news feed, you can easily add content to your website. For instance if you use yahoo news feed, what it means is whenever yahoo has a news coming out on the topic you choose, it will definitely create a new post on your website. This method is definitely easy and cheap, but it’s still not recommended because most people visiting your website will expect unique articles written by you.

A couple of important tips on blogging is to blog on consistent basis. Visitors wont appreciate if you usually blog once a day and then disappear for two weeks without a post. If you dont think you can handle a post per day, then find a number you can handle. My suggestion is to post at least once a week just to get your blog active and updated. Now after you have your website full of quality contents, next you will optimize your website with plugins and your search engine rankings to drive traffic to your websites. Keep a close look on my website for the next update because its one of the most important element you need to learn to make money online ! Peace out…

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