You, me and everyone I meet wants to make money on-line, and why not? It is possible and with so many great reasons to get into making money on-line like digital products not having manufacturing costs, websites being cheap to run and being accessible from anywhere in the world making money using the internet is very attractive.

The big problem is that too many people want to become rich quick and sell rubbish. Let us be clear about this, many of the things that are sold on-line as the next miracle push button software are useless and often they are over priced.

These internet marketer’s build email lists as quick as possible so they can promote and sell any old software in large numbers to unsuspecting punters swelling their bank accounts in a matter of days. There is nothing wrong with wanting to make money fast, many people have debts to pay off or want to change their lives before they get too old and would love for it to happen quickly but is it right to sell products that really don’t work to people who simply want to do the same?

The truth is this, the products that they say will make you rich won’t. They will make the marketer rich but not you. The marketer sells a software product at $37 or more to a few hundred punters and they have a nice wave of cash crash into their bank account. You on the other hand will be one of those hundreds trying to get that software to generate money.

The software usually makes an easy but slightly time-consuming job into an even easier and less time-consuming job. That is it! It doesn’t suddenly generate an influx of cash. For example, there have been a couple of software products that worked similar by sending eBooks or articles in PDF form to sharing sites across the web and they would either contain an affiliate link or a link to a website supposedly generating commissions or traffic to your site.

The problem is that these sharing sites do not like duplicate content and with the software searching out the same articles using keywords you have hundreds of people posting the same articles and eBooks to the same sharing sites. They were either removed or if they were not detected your eBook became one of several hundred sat waiting to be viewed.

Nothing happens if you do not promote your stuff so what will articles and eBooks do for you if they are sat collecting virtual dust on a cyber book shelf?

Yet we still buy these products hoping they will change our lives, even worse, people who realise that this is how to make money on-line fast create more of these useless software products and start selling them to other unfortunate people.

The sad thing is if you work out how much people spend on eBooks, over priced courses, useless software and costly website building services, that amount would have probably paid to have a quality website built and promoted for a year.

A simple WordPress blog can cost less than $100 a year, some membership courses charge $97 a month only to teach what you can get for free on YouTube or on quality sites written and owned by ethical bloggers and internet marketers. I know of a few marketers charging up to £1997 to build a standard WordPress blog designed to promote their own product as an affiliate product! It is scandalous!

Pat Flynn regularly makes $40,000 a month from his few blogs and he doesn’t create or sell dodgy software, it can be done. He isn’t alone, there are many other people making great money from blogs that teach quality information for free and recommend quality products. There is no hard selling or promoting of useless products.

How many courses or products have you bought? I bet you could have built a quality website, had content created, built an email list and started to build a long-term on-line business with the amount you have spent. A business that not only would be worth a lot of money down the line but one you would be seriously proud of as well.

Look around and don’t be impatient, you will find all the information you need to start that quality on-line business and be left with the money you need to invest into it.

I remember sitting and chatting with a guy who attended several seminars by UK internet marketers and direct mail marketers who were supposedly teaching people how to make money fast. These businesses were costly to run and they be left with no money to invest after they had paid their £10,000 attendance fee. This one guy had done nothing but attend seminar after seminar, I am sure he had spent in excess of £50,000 and still hadn’t started his business.

For that amount he could now be the proud owner of a seriously profitable online business. Many others could be in the same position if they stopped buying from marketers promoting the next big ClickBank product. I just hope that you are not in that group either. Do not buy on impulse, these marketers write great sales copy and create brilliant videos designed to make you desire the product and buy there and then.

Choose your mentors, your membership courses and products wisely, and then take action. Action is the key to success; yes by all means learn methods but methods mean nothing if they are not implemented. Choose wisely and spend your money on doing!

Source by Screet Der Siin

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