If you are looking to make money online then I will say for me the best way that I have been able to grow my business has been with article and affiliate marketing. The process for this is simple and I will go in detail and let you know how to best drive traffic to your affiliate link via article marketing. The whole concept is simple, grab a product to promote from ClickBank, grab a domain and forward it to your affiliate link and then drive traffic to your domain.

Now the part that so many people have a hard time understanding is where to submit articles and how many should they submit before you start to see results. This is based off of my experience in the past with article marketing so I will tell you what I have learned. The best places to submit your articles to are, your personal blog that can be hosted on WordPress dot com or blogger dot com, wikio, hubpages, GoArticles, articlesbase. and squidoo. These would be the top places that I would submit your articles to. For each affiliate product that you are looking to promote I would submit 100 articles each, 100 articles should be a good test as to if the product is going to convert or not. If you have 100 articles submitted and it has been 30 days with 0 sales I would say to move on to another product and do the whole process again. This is by far the easiest method to make money online the easy way with article and affiliate marketing. So my process would be one day submit 10 articles to GoArticles,the next day 10 articles to my blog, the next day 10 to articles base and so on. I think you get the point. In each article I would include a link to your affiliate page and another link to another article you have submitted to another site. This will inter link everything and give you higher rankings and more traffic.

Source by Dennis JR White

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