What would it mean to your ideas and beliefs about ‘questions’ if you realised that all learning and insight starts with a question? How powerful would you like your questions to be?

Expansion of thinking, believing, observing… happens through the curiosity of the mind wondering and wandering.

In Meta Coaching*, where the coach moves up a level above the content of a problem, issue, dream, belief, etc creating contexts and situations where the client is able to discover his or her own powers, questions are central. Asking the right questions lies at the heart of transformative coaching.

Any conversation, whether that is in your own head on with someone outside yourself, will be co-created by one question at a time, followed by its exploration.

In the process of asking questions, we can activate several powers:

  • Exploring thoughts and ideas
  • Identifying thinking patterns and beliefs
  • Probing feelings and emotions
  • Engaging with your inner reality
  • Holding someone (or yourself) accountable
  • Allowing someone’s subjective experience to be revealed
  • Calling forth truthful inquiry
  • Allowing inner listening
  • Discovering true intentions

The mind is by nature curious and as soon as you are asking or being asked a question, it starts exploring the subject in search for an answer.

The most empowering and well designed questions will totally engage the person, will be captivating, compelling, and even spell binding. These are the times when you as a coaching client stop, turn inside and might even hear yourself say: ‘Until you have asked me that question I have never thought about it that way. Wow!’

When we ask those powerful questions in a coaching environment we invite the client to go inside their structure, which in Meta Coaching is called a ‘Matrix’, to search for the beliefs and thoughts that empower them to transform. That is when questioning becomes magical!

(* Meta Coaching is a term that has been coined and since used by Dr L. Michael Hall, who developed the Meta States Model in 1994 and has written well over 30 books in the field of Neuro Semanics.)

Source by Nathalie Himmelrich

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