When most people join a network marketing company they are taught from day one to start recruiting people into their organization and to sell the company products.

The premise is that it will eventually lead to life-changing residual income that comes in month after month, year after year for the rest of your life. You do the work once and get paid on it forever. Sound familiar?

It should, it’s taught by most companies in this industry. Unfortunately, this idea never becomes a reality for 95% of network marketers.

The reason: Most people run out of money before they ever get close to reaching the residual income stage.

If you think about it, most distributors shell out several hundred dollars just to get involved with a company before they ever have a chance to get their feet wet. Throw in a few hundred more dollars a month buying product and advertising, and it really starts to add up.

No wonder the drop out rate is so high. People spend themselves into the ground before they ever really get going.

So how do we solve this dilemma?

By marketing other products, using affiliate marketing, while at the same time building a network marketing business. The truth is most people have no clue how to effectively utilize affiliate marketing.

It sounds simple enough but when you really start to break it down it can become overwhelming. With that said, let me give you a starting point that will get you moving in the right direction. Follow this information step by step and it will help you tremendously.

The first thing I suggest is finding a product you feel comfortable selling, ideally something that relates to your business. There are literally thousands of affiliate products available. There is no right or wrong product, but if you really want to capitalize, pick one with a high commission payout.

Don’t worry if you think people won’t buy a higher priced item, they will and are, everyday. If you’ve ever purchased an e-book, course or training, chances are there is an option to become an affiliate. The payout on each product will depend entirely on the author and the product. Usually the more a product sells for, the higher commission you will receive.

Signing up for an affiliate program varies, but it generally only requires your contact information and a place to send the check (PayPal account, checking account, etc.) Once you’ve decided on a product, you need to get people to buy it.

Getting people to purchase from you takes a little bit of time and effort, but it’s possible with the right things in place.

First, I recommend that you start getting your name out on the Internet. Like I’ve said in the past, “People only buy from those they know, like and trust.” That being said, I want to list a few techniques that will help get your name out there and start driving traffic to your affiliate links.

o Create a blog: They are relatively cheap, some are even free and they are pretty easy to maintain. You simply write articles about various topics and post them on your blog. This could even include a recommendation to your affiliate product or link. There are many options available but the most popular are WordPress, Squarespace and Blogger.com.

o Write articles: This is the best and most effective way to get your name online. There are many options available to you including: EzineArticles, Squidoo, Hubpages, etc. Just pick a couple that you like and start writing. This form of marketing provides valuable information to your readers and helps get you in the search engines faster.

o Use YouTube: Right now search engines love video. So if you feel like your ready to get in front of the camera, start making videos related to your product, industry or marketing system. YouTube offers average people the chance to step into the spotlight and share what they know with potentially millions of people – all for free!

o Create a Lead Capture Page: This is a great option for someone who has started to get hits to their blogs, articles, etc. and wants to start building a list of prospects. By having people opt-in to your lead capture page you essentially have been given permission to market to them.

WARNING: Don’t go overboard with this, only recommend products that you have tried or believe in. If you pitch your list every product under the sun, they will leave in droves and you will never get them back. Don’t be a salesman, be a leader.

There are many great resources available for anyone who wants to build there own lead capture page. You could pay someone to build it for you or you could find a program that allows you to point and click.

One resource I use is Blinkweb. This program allows you to create your own lead capture pages for free. You can include video, bullet points, and a ton of other things. It’s a great resource for people who don’t want to pay to have their lead capture pages created and want to get them online quickly.

Using these techniques will allow you to start creating your presence online and attracting customers to you. Don’t worry if you don’t know where to start, simply pick something and go from there. You don’t need to use all of these techniques to start seeing results, but the more you implement the more people you get to your site.

One thing I forgot to mention earlier was that many companies offer fast start bonuses if you bring someone into your organization. While most people are lucky to get 1 or 2 of these bonuses in their lifetime, think of the possibilities you would have by implementing the above techniques. You start attracting well-qualified candidates who could potentially buy from you, via your affiliate links, and may eventually partner with you in business. It’s a win-win situation.

There are many other ways to promote your network marketing business and it is important to find the ones that are the most comfortable and work well for you. Take the time to learn these techniques and they will do great things for your business.

Source by Steve Blum

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