Online marketing is a highly fluid profession, but there are several techniques that never go out of style. Combined with the new, innovative approaches being developed every day, these techniques can dramatically improve your company’s internet marketing success!

Article Marketing has become a powerhouse way to spread helpful information and reel in traffic from across the web. When you write helpful articles and submit them to article banks, directories and ezine publishers, more people become aware you exist, and from there become impressed at your knowledge in your niche.

Blogging initially became popular in the late 1990’s, when online journalism was all the rage. Now blogs have become an important marketing tool, allowing companies to reach out informally and draw in visitors who can later be converted to customers. You can use your bog to make yourself more accessible. Free blogging platforms like Google Blogger and WordPress make blogging easy and fun.

Ezines can be used for more focused publicity – these are generally aimed at a particular niche. You can even start your own to develop a closer relationship with your readers. Provide helpful information and resources, and they will come to trust you and rely on you for advice. Just limit advertising and hard sales copy!

Networking is another tool that can get you close to your target demographic as well as in touch with other professionals who can help you achieve your goals. Connect with others in your field to share information and encourage each other.

Online Email Groups exist for nearly every conceivable niche. You can find them on major search engine forums such as Yahoo or Google, or start your own and invite people you know to participate and brainstorm.

Forums are a terrific outlet for establishing yourself as an authority. The trick is to not overdo it – simply offer help when needed and don’t try to push your agenda unasked – no-one likes a spammer. Follow the rules for posting and offer your help as much as possible.

Social Media such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and even MySpace are all good places for connecting to people and establishing your brand. Creating multiple online profiles and updating them consistently will build your reputation and ensure you are visible.

Photo and video sharing or pod casting can increase your chances of ‘going viral’ and having your product or service garner national or international attention. You can hire an established agency to help you, or venture into the digital world yourself to create material, then publish it online.

Bookmarking sites also allow you to share things you want others to know – and if you learn how to tag effectively, you can increase traffic to your product or service. The best thing about bookmarking, sharing and social sites is that others carry on the work you begin!

Advertising cannot be left off the list. If you learn to craft effective, targeted ads, the return on investment will more that justify the cost. A solid ad campaign combined with the above organic online marketing techniques will boost your traffic and conversion to levels your company may not have believed possible!

The bonus tip of the day is to use SEO in all you do – every piece of content you create and share should contain your main keywords at least once or twice. This keeps your theme consistent across all marketing platforms!

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