Online Revenue Machine – Three Piece Formula And Tips For The Affiliate Marketer

  • September 23, 2022
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Have you ever wondered what it actually takes to be in the 2% that creates a substantial passive income business online? I’m sure you’ve heard it a thousand times that 98% of people who attempt it never actually make a single penny online. So what exactly is the missing piece to the puzzle? Of course you cannot explain the entire “secret sauce” of affiliate marketing in a single article like some magical affiliate marketing tips manual. However, there is nothing secret about it. The critical piece to the puzzle just hides in plain sight, and it just seems to continue to elude nearly all of us.

Becoming successful with affiliate marketing is really like putting the pieces of the puzzle together. By now, you may have at least a superficial idea of how each of the components should work, and you may also have the imagination to envision the bigger picture of success. So why can’t you just get it to work? I’m sure you’ve read or heard it over and over again about how it takes time to build up a business and become successful with internet marketing, but “if you buy now, you can skyrocket your sales instantly and get rich over night!”

OK… enough about what you already know. Let’s talk about what you seemingly don’t know. I can give you the same old spiel about how you have to provide value before you can chase the money. However, would you understand it any better when someone just repeats it over and over again? As we discussed, the “missing piece” is just hiding in plain sight. The truth is there are three pieces to the puzzle: value, delivery, and momentum. Let those words just resonate for a moment before you continue reading.

Obviously you know the word “value”, but you’re thinking, “Oh… I don’t have my own product; I’m an affiliate marketer.” Affiliate marketing is all about providing value outside of the scope of the actual product. As an affiliate marketer, you cannot change the product you are selling. You cannot increase its value, so stop focusing so much on the details of it, and start focusing on the message. When marketing, you have to provide value in your message when recommending a product. Blatantly raving about how incredibly super awesome the product is just obviously doesn’t work. We’ve all seen it, and most of us have done it or still do it. Why did the visitor come to your site if they could have just gone straight to the vendor? Sure, you can provide value through a bonus package, but there are other ways that work much better. It’s all about subtlety and your image. The visitor needs to see you as an “us” and not a “them”. You need to present yourself as someone who was in the same exact predicament before, but you happened to stumble across a solution and wanted to share it on your blog or website. Don’t make the solution seem completely ideal either. You have to be a matchmaker but realize that certain people are not going to buy the product no matter what, so reveal the obvious fallacies in the product.

Delivery is the vehicle for spreading your message and providing your chunk of the value in the equation. YouTube is the fastest way to start building traffic. When done correctly, you can start receiving targeted visitors within the hour. Create a website or blog, create a relevant video that entices people to visit that site, and then also embed the video on that site. Make sure your main keywords are in the domain, title, description, tags, etc for both the video and the site. Use a view sharing program to get real human views and shares, and all of this will help your video rank in both YouTube and Google search. Creating a Facebook page and Twitter account with your keyword will help dramatically. Embed the video on the FB page, and tweet it to your followers. Services to get FB likes, Twitter followers, and even help promote your video are readily available and easily discovered. Use a WordPress plugin to connect your social media accounts to your website with cool looking buttons, or at least link to them on your site. This is the best instant and sustainable traffic formula that works and often grows to viral proportions when, again, providing value. Think of it like a sort of internet sales machine.

Once you have your first successful passive income business set up just like this, it is time to rinse and repeat. However, do you stick with the same niche, or do you go to a new one? I recommend sticking to one niche that you are very passionate about, at least in the beginning, to build momentum. You can even create another internet sales machine for the same exact product just like the first one but with a different relevant keyword. Use this opportunity to build up authority in your niche. Heck, use this opportunity to build relevant backlinks from your other online sales machines by creating satellite sites, videos, FB pages, etc. However, remember to provide solid value each time. Sure, you can deliver the same value each time in a different manner to build up momentum. Do you see how this has worked for all successful affiliate marketers online?


Source by Jeroen E Waning

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