Pmoney Records is the music company of Precious Okonkwo. He founded it in November, 2017. It has signed one artist named Rico-Swavey from Big Brother Nigeria 2018 – former Housemate. Pmoney Records’ official website is launched in May, 2018. The company’s endorsements are (Anto) Big Brother Nigeria 2018 former Housemate.

You can apply in the contest via online registration through visiting the official website. There are some rules and regulations which you have to follow before applying for it. In order to apply, you must be between the ages of 13 year to 50 year. You need to buy the TOKEN from the official website with N1000. You will use this token for the registration purpose on the website. You also have to make the video lasting 1 minutes of you or your group if you are going to participate in it. The music can be composed of HIP-HOP, RAP, Freestyle, or GOSPIL. You can choose the song of any artist or your own music composition, without the instrumentation, in this video. The video can be made by using mobile camera or digital camera. After this, you need to upload this video to the official website of Pmoney Records and on the Instagram as well. On Instagram, tag @Pmonerrecords and #Pmoneyrecords in your post while uploading it on the Instagram. One more thing, you need to tag two of your friends who follow you there. Now, let us put a glimpse on the selection procedure of the contest. The judges will rate you on the base of your video on the Instagram and official website by giving you a particular score. The judgment would be based upon the skills, talent, and creativity you showed in the video performance. You can check the official results of the video contest on 10th of August 2018 on the official website.

The top 20 contestants will receive an email after their selection for their performance in the next stage. They will compete for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd position in the next stage of the PMR Contest 2018. The location for the next stage will be announced later on, on the official website and Instagram. In the next stage, well experienced judges will judge the contestants on the base of their voice, talent, and musical skills. The judges will decide the positions of the contestants throughout the tournament. The winners will be announced on the Instagram page and on the official website as well. Moreover, 3 clear winners of the videos will receive the N100000 each apart from the prizes. The fashion judge will also be there in order to judge your dressing. Winners will be announced on 10th of August, 2018 on the official website for performing on the stage in order to claim their positions.

It is a great opportunity for the potential singers to showcase their talent in front of the whole world. Your talent will take you above the horizon with the Hurry up guys as the time is running quickly. Best of luck!

Source by Ehtisham Saleem Janjua

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