Poem – I Wouldn’t Change a Thing

  • September 23, 2022
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The dishes are all dirty

the wash is piled high

the phone’s ringing off its hook

I think I’m gonna cry  

Kids running down the hall

screaming their lungs out

I dreamed of having more

is this what life’s about?  

The dog has chased the cat

up the drapes (all custom made)

our bird’s a chirp’n off his bill

he’s dinner, he’s afraid  

Our bird just might be closer

to the truth, than he might know

cause if the pot boils over

one more time, upon the stove 

It won’t be fit to give the dogs

much less, to feed the kids

and Polly just might find himself

in the pot, under the lid  

I know this all sounds crazy

but, I know that in the end

I wouldn’t change a thing

and I’d do it all again  

For even though sometimes we think

its all been done in vain

a smile appears upon our lips

and happiness remains  

Yes, they drive me up the wall sometimes,

but even so

I wouldn’t change a thing

because I love them, don’t you know!  

When you find yourself having a particularly difficult day and you question the whys and whats of where your life is going; sometimes the best thing you can do is to look to the positive things in each day and view them with a touch of humor.

Life has a way of balancing itself with positives and negatives. It is through this balance we learn to appreciate what we are blessed with. This balance also teaches us coping skills and builds our character, making us stronger and more compassionate. As long as we view life as a learning process and properly extract the lessons life has to offer, we can share that experience with others — offering laughter to lift the spirit and drying the tears of sorrow.

By understanding your own emotions better, you are capable of offering that support to others in their time of need. Remember, every yesterday builds upon each new tomorrow. How we choose to view each day, how we carry the memories of yesterday into tomorrow, and how we share those experiences can literally change someone else’s life as well as our own.

Written/Copyrights Retained by: O’Della Wilson AKA Alhavakia 1999 All Rights Retained | Revised 2003


Source by O’Della Wilson

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