A number of popular and free website software is available for download on the internet. Such software is generally classified under “Open Source software” as they are free to download and use. There are several advantages of using open source software, there are comprehensive guides and support available online and you save money by not having to purchase licensed software. It is extensible and flexible in terms of design and development.

The most efficient programs are those that are Content Management Systems or CMS. It not only helps you develop your website, it also gives you an interface to maintain, edit and update the website and its content.

Following are some of the most popular free website software:

Drupal – This is a CMS that runs on the LAMP technology (Linux, Apache, MYSQL and PHP). It is highly extensible as there are several hundred modules that support features ranging from simple image and video galleries to shopping cars and payment gateway integration. The Drupal system also provides flexibility with design and colors palettes used.

WordPress – This is also widely used free website software that develops websites using PHP and MYSQL. It is free to download and install, it focuses on usability and web standards. There are professional built in themes or layout that are easy to implement and customize. The software also allows integration of different modules for added website functionality. You can easily edit and publish content on the website.

Joomla – Joomla is another free website software that caters to both professional developers and beginners. Extensibility modules, design templates and an easy user interface make the software a favorite among website developers.

The free website software listed above are basically built on the LAMP architecture, there are several other free tools available on the internet that use other technology. So if you don’t want to use PHP then use those bases on PERL, Python or JAVA. There are also programs that only allow you to build the web pages; this is helpful if you are building a static website which does not require any high-end functions.

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