Casual with a distinctive feel – this is what characterizes the furniture at every pottery barn online outlet. Many TV shows feature ads of their furniture but several items are extremely expensive. Thankfully, the company has opened outlets, which sell merchandise at significantly lower prices.

The store has outlets across 10 states namely Ohio, Georgia, California, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Texas, Tennessee, New York and Virginia. All store addresses can be easily located on the company website. The Kids outlets of the company are situated across 8 locations in strategic areas. It is easy to get access to clearance items in a pottery barn online outlet at a 50% discounted price. One of the significant advantages of these outlets is that unlike other stores, they have many different types of merchandise. Sometimes, certain stores might stock discontinued items. Hence, purchasing such items is a good idea.

Some of the outlets need not always carry what is represented in the conventional Pottery Barn stores. However, it is easy to get items priced 30-40% lesser than usual prices. When purchasing large furniture items, such discounts can result in huge savings. Ever since its inception in 1949, the company has gone from strength to strength. During the year 2000, the company started selling its merchandise online and soon started Pottery Barn Kids. This branch specializes on furniture targeted towards children. It was three years later, in 2003 that the Teen catalog was launched and it is designed for teens between 10 and 19 years of age. This catalog is designed to facilitate free expression for teens within a personal space. During 2006, the company opened its Bed and Bath outlets.

It is a pleasant experience shopping at their stores because prices are reasonable and there is a lot of variety available.

Source by Amrita Radhakrishnan

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