As with anything commercial there are always good points (pros) and bad points (cons). Below are some of the main pros and cons for people who are thinking of setting up an ecommerce website either to just sell online or to compliment their existing high street shop.


• By going online you potentially expand your reach to the entire internet which means instead of relying on people in your local area to visit your shop, you can now reach every corner of the United Kingdom by selling online.

• This source of income can potentially double your profits with very little capital outlay as you do not need a shop, rent, rates or staff to run it. All you really need is the knowledge of how to operate the back end of your website and also the skills of an affordable seo company or seo consultant to help you market it effectively.

• By establishing yourself as a good brand online that in itself can have great effects on your offline stores and can seriously help raise your companies profile as a whole.

• Once your business is established well online it means that you will be in a much more secure position if more people stop going to the high streets and instead start shopping online. This trend does seem to be on the rise so it is well worth getting online as soon as possible.


• There are many misconceptions about going online and developing an ecommerce website. People often think that by just buying a website they will rank well on the search engines. This is not true and you will need to spend some good time, money and effort marketing your website with seo companies as there will be many businesses competing for that first page Google position.

• Running an online shop needs to be well thought out and you need to be able to manage and run it effectively yourself so that as and when you do start getting good orders in, you can fulfil them.

In conclusion there are many pros and some potential cons however if you do your homework on what is required for a successful ecommerce venture then you should be fine. You need to get out into the market and do your research on good web design companies and also good affordable seo companies, so that you can budget your monthly costs accordingly.

Source by Jonathan Simons

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