Protect Your Online Investment – Stay Away From Penguin Penalties

  • September 23, 2022
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SEO experts and marketers are still arguing over the idea that the Google Penguin update is or is not a penalty. Some think it is only a change of the algorithm that doesn’t lower your website, will others think the opposite. However it may be, as a local (small to medium) online business developer, you must make sure that Google Panda won’t interact negatively with your website or blog. What we must understand is that as long as the “content is king”, Google will try to offer to the readers the best experience possible, helping them sort out the quality information from the lower-quality content. The first step towards this was done during the implementation of the Panda Update, which penalized websites with low-quality content, like content farms or websites with duplicated content.

Google Penguin Update is aimed towards webmasters whom are fighting over to get the most SEO’d content on the whole internet, thinking that this way they will receive the top rankings in Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page), and also will be flooded by a high number of organic visitors. This mentality is completely wrong and the Penguin update is there to sort that out. Providing a good reader experience is all about the information filled inside the content, and also the fluency of the content; stuffing articles with lots of keywords (especially in the title, the first and the last paragraph) will make them look unnatural and also they will become hard to read for the average visitor.

To better understand how keyword stuffing affects the overall reading experience; think about writing articles without having to influence any search engine. This way, a SEO marketer or webmaster wouldn’t place any certain words at various places in the article, and also wouldn’t stuff the title with the most used words in the meat of the article. In conclusion, as a content writer or website marketer, you need to develop the content not only to look natural, but to be natural; the easier the articles are to read, the better chances are that the Penguin Update won’t null-out your optimization or link-building techniques.

The problem of over-optimizing an article must be taken in consideration also when using paid links or exchanging advertorials with another website from your niche; the Penguin Update will null-out the importance of those links if the article is written in a hard-to-read manner, and also if the anchor-text of the link is filled with the main keywords every time. Start using generic keywords like “my website” or “visit here”, and you will avoid the penalty.


Source by Yasir Khan

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