You’ve written your brilliant non-fiction book and now want everyone to read it, so what can you do to get it published? If you are willing to do a lot of work yourself then you may opt to self-publish. When you self publish you must be prepared to spend some money yourself and the outlay may be high, but income from selling the books can be high too if you can sell lots. In order to so this you have to learn about marketing which is as important as knowing how to publish the book.

Self Publishing:

1.You become the publisher, so give yourself a name and an ISBN number from nielsenbookdata, 10 numbers cost just over £100

2. Register details of the book with nielsonbookdata

3. Get your book edited and proof read. You could find someone to do this on

4. Get the layout and cover design, you can find people to do this on

5 Find a printer and get quoted for print on demand and bulk copies.

6. If the book is published in the UK you have to deposit copies of it in UK National libraries

Package for Self publishing

Another way to self publish is to buy a package for self publishing: cost to you high; income can be fair if you sell lots for example with

Print on Demand:

Cost to you: not very high; income fair for example: lulu, or lightningsource

The package may include editing and proof reading, layout and cover design and some, but not much, publicity

Get Published by Conventional publisher:

Cost to you low; income to you low: Status high!

How can you find a publisher?

  • From an agent
  • From Writers’ Year Book
  • Direct to Publisher

Approach agent or publisher with a: Book Proposal

So there you have your various options. You could self-publish -> sell lots -> approach a publisher again.

How to Market/publicise your book:

1. Talks

2. Workshops

3. Groups

4. Friends family

5. Internet.

6. Amazon: all books with ISBN get listed. They have a scheme ‘Advantage scheme’ used to be free now there is a fee: they ask you to send books to them so they can send out straight away.

7. Website: Easy to set up a free web site with a name related to your book, you or the people you want to buy your book. Use WordPress or Blogger.

You can put ‘posts’ which are entries updated frequently or ‘pages’ which can have static information about you and your book. You can put links to Amazon on it to your book. Biggest challenges: Marketing; Getting into bookshops; getting people to your web site; income from books!

Source by Susan Kersley

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