In expounding these qualities to look for in a man, it should be clear from the onset that it is not just only about good and bad. The issue of compatibility and the lessons of life needed by each woman are to be considered. Some men are not just right for the demeanor of some women. Some characteristics of men are suitable for the developmental needs of some women. However, violence and brutal behavior is not to be tolerated for any reason and once observed in a date or courtship partner should be reason enough to severe the relationship. If the dating and courtship had been carried out appropriately, then there would be no harm in when and how ends.

Here are some additional qualities the girl child should start looking for from her first date to the day she says I DO before a Marriage Registrar and witnesses. The time to look for these qualities is during dating and courtship. When conducted appropriately, parties would be able to learn about these qualities and even build them up:

• Humility – The synonyms for humility include meekness, unassuming nature and modesty. The opposite of humility is arrogance. A man who would be a good husband must not be filled with pride but must be of sober mental attitude. It is during dating and courtship that a girl has all the opportunity to know the mental attitude of the man who would be her husband. This quality is very important especially if the woman should become successful or even more successful than the husband is. One of the worst scenarios a man without the attribute of humility would have is to depend on his wife or have his wife succeed more than him.

• Not Violent In Behavior – It is interesting to read and learn or know about the things girls and women can stomach in a relationship. Some women in dating and courtship relationships are already being brutalized. Some women think it is normal to be beaten by their boyfriends or husbands. Well, a good husband material of man is not prone to violence. If you notice such behavior even exhibited on others, run.

• Focused Upon God – God is the creator and giver of life. He instituted the marriage relationship because He wanted us his children to be raised in family setting. During dating and courtship, the girl and the woman should watch out for what the dominant focus of their male partners are. The right place to focus is on God. If he is spiritually minded, there is a chance that he would treat you with love of God. If is mundane and materialistic and prepared to mortgage the relationship for materials, then you should cut off the relationship in your own terms before it is cut off by circumstances beyond, and detrimental to, your control and wellbeing.

• Not easily offended – A man who would make a good husband must not be easily offended. If during dating and courtship you notice that a man is easily offended by either your conduct or those of others, then that is a red flag. A good man is not apt to be a hothead or be thin-skinned so that he takes offense easily. The marriage relationship is fraught with so many growing experiences that seem offensive.

• Grateful – The attitude of gratitude is the greatest attribute a man would have. If you have a man who is not grateful for what he has, for your company now, then that is a big problem. There is nothing you can do in the future of the relationship to make him appreciate you and your contribution. It does not matter whether you hot in bed or gave him twins at every pregnancy if that is what he said he wants. Gratitude like love should be unconditional to anything material. Gratitude should be upon the fact of being. A good husband material should be grateful for what God has given, rather than envious of what gifts others have received.

Source by Francis Nmeribe

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