Re-Thinking Automated Income Online

  • September 23, 2022
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Internet marketing is a living breathing animal and is constantly changing. You have to be paying attention and be willing to adapt to the constantly shifting environment. And auto blogging techniques for automated income online are no exception to these changes.

In the past, we have advocated throwing as many blogs as you can out there, placing auto posting content and ads on the blogs, with the strategy of building a lot so that the little bit of money that each blog is able to collect will add up through quantity.

Well the tides are shifting and that is a strategy that we no longer see as one that will get you the best results. We suggest putting up fewer blogs with more quality.

With the new and improved strategy of quality vs. quaintly, you will want to really refine what you market. After all, we do this to make money and you want to market something that is converting.

The best way to go about doing this is to be observant. Keep a vigil on your keywords with the Google search bar and start paying attention to what sites are hanging around week after week. Those are the ones that are making the money, so do what they do. We are not suggesting that you copy them but we are suggesting that you model them.

Quality blogs can still have some auto features, but we are suggesting more of a hybrid approach. Build a site that has some hand written content along with the auto posting content.

With few blogs to concentrate on, you can build a higher quality blog that will bring in more money.

You will want to structure the content by using Google’s Wonder Wheel. To find the Wonder Wheel simply enter your keyword into the search bar. You will find the Wonder Wheel on the left hand side of the search results. You will see that your keyword is in the center and the spokes off the center will contain other keywords that Google finds to be the most relevant. These keywords will be your blog’s catagoies.

When you click on each category keyword, the Wonder Wheel will bring up another set of keywords. Those will be your article titles.

By then clicking on this second generation keyword, you will now find keywords that you can sprinkle into your articles, thus making your blog extremely relevant.

We want to point out that Google bases it’s approval of your sites on how relevant you are to the keywords. So you can see how logical this process is in obtaining total relevance for you, after all, Google told you what they feel are the most relevant keywords with their Wonder Wheel.

This structure is also excellent for keeping you in the know on what to write about. You just follow the keywords, or in other words, the gold.

If you are fortunate enough to have people you can outsource the writing to, than you have also created a very easy way for them to follow what they will need to be writing about with this system.

This will require some time to set up but it will serve as an excellent roadmap for your content structure.


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