There are some basic principles that need to be taken care of in website designing and redesigning like to create a visual theme that is consistent and up to the requirements. Elements should be properly aligned on the page. Use of contrasting colors and text weight should be done effectively. Elements should be grouped together so that the reader can more easily grasp the information that the website is presenting. Intelligent use of images that display text helps in an effective website.

At the very first place software is required in website designing. This software is further classified into two parts-firstly there is a requirement of a program to create web pages and secondly a program will be needed to manipulate images. There are multiple choices to create web pages. The current word processors versions allow us to convert the documents into effective web pages. These are suitable when an individual is planning to create simple webpages. Depending on various prices, features and quality there are many website design programs. There maybe also requirements of programs that allows to resize images and save them in the proper format so that they can be viewed on the internet.

These programs are available according to their level of price and sophistication. The program by the name of adobe photo deluxe can be used for editing images. This software generally comes packaged free along with numerous scanners and it’s also easy to learn. If an individual plans to use his own images into the website, he needs to find a way to get them into the computer. For this there would be a requirement of a digital camera or if the pictures are already there; a scanner would be the device that would help in it.

A good and successful website meets clearly identified goals and provides content that draws the audience and the user to the particular site again and again. In addition to it is very easy to navigate and access the attractively designed site that complements the content. The popular sites provide the surfer with a reason to return. They contain all the content and design to attract the user. They are not easily accessible but also are at the same time attractive but also give us suggestions for better knowledge and information. A good website clearly informs the user what they want, it is easy to navigate. It ensures that there are no dead ends. In it every page has consistent and easily understandable links back to other pages. Although visual attractiveness is an important aspect but compelling content and clearly defined goals and easy navigation have equally important role to play.

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