We live in an information age – where data is grouped together that we call information, and information we group together and call knowledge. And as we all know – knowledge is power – assuming the information that builds up and comprises our knowledge and intelligence is accurate, which sadly in many instances it is not.

We’ve all heard of identity theft, where criminals now run their enterprises with multi-billions per year in criminal proceeds and much of this is not a loss to a bank. Indeed in many cases it is the person who has had their identity stolen that suffers the direct financial loss as well as the ongoing damage to reputation and credit worthiness. Simply because many people trust implicitly what the computer says, the fact that there is false, misleading and incorrect information in its data files is simply not believed by many people, including law enforcement agencies and employers.

It is very smart, and in fact basic common sense when you think about it, to do checks on yourself to check the veracity and accuracy of the information held on record about you. And the two areas information you want to research and satisfy yourself about are your own credit report and the information held on public record by the authorities.

Searching around online for a suitable information provider so that you can make your own checks is easy enough, but of course you must test them to check if their files and access to records is up to date too. Personally, because I am always moving with my work and so my phone number is always changing, I always test these information providers and look up a phone number for an address. By this means I can see if the information they on file is current and if I get the wrong answer, then I move on to test the next. There’s a useful link in my resource box to help you get started with finding the right company for you.

Source by Phillip David Jarvie

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