Review of Covert PinPress Theme

  • September 23, 2022
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Covert PinPress is just what it suggests. It is a covert or hidden way of imitating Pinterest in a WordPress blog. Or you may want to call it a combination of Pinterest and WordPress. You are using a WordPress blog but the appearance is that of a Pinterest site.

Pinterest is a social networking site like Facebook. It is a site where viewers pin or put images and share these with others. WordPress is of course a blogging network where bloggers write posts and share them on the web. This particular combination of Pinterest and WordPress called PinPress is that there is an option of selecting the Pinterest theme in your WordPress blog so that your blog page looks like a Pinterest page when you open it. There are images arranged as in a Pinterest site instead of the usual blog post and ads.

The Use of PinPress

The most familiar use of Pinterest is the sharing by women of recipes online which also have the picture of the cooked food of those recipes. But lately business men have used Pinterest to show pictures of their goods and services online. And this is where the creators of PinPress modify WordPress to include Pinterest as a theme. They enable the blogger to put images of the goods or services they are selling or just any image which has a link to their blogs or websites.

When the viewer views the WordPress blog with a Pinterest theme (which is now called a PinPress) he sees images and when he or she hovers the pointer on those images he or she will see three buttons which are familiar to Pinterest users because they look like the buttons in a Pinterest site. These buttons are Repin, Like and Comment.

When the Repin button is clicked the viewer will be taken to Pinterest, and there you can repin your image and blog post, giving the viewer a link to your blog post.

When the Like button is clicked the viewer will be taken to Facebook liking your post there. There your friends can see your link.

When the Comment button is clicked the viewer is taken to the blog post which has a link to a website or a landing page.

In other words whichever button you click you will be taken to the blog post of the blogger.

Thus the use of PinPress is the generation of viral traffic to a blog or website giving the blogger an ever widening exposure of whatever he wants people to see or read.

In this way traffic generation is put on autopilot so that you can have another passive income opportunity.


No doubt PinPress does generate traffic and links and we know that the more links a blog has the more it will rank higher in the search engines. But this is only for those who know already what to do with blogs or how to write blog posts that are searched by people online.

The main flaw of this website on PinPress is to presume that the user of this theme knows already what to do with his blog. Just getting this PinPress theme does not guarantee more and more traffic. For example, if you do not do some research on the words you are going to use in your blog posts, just installing PinPress on your blog will not be as effective as knowing and applying the basics of search engine optimization. This fact is not mentioned in the instruction accompanying the installation of this theme in the WordPress blog. It should be mentioned because many of those who would be interested in installing this theme may be new to internet marketing.


There is a bonus to this product when you install it on your WordPress blog. You will be given a multi-site and developer’s license, meaning you can use this theme for many blogs and you can also use it for the blogs of other people.


On the whole Covert PinPress is a good product. It does generate extra traffic to one’s blog or website. But you just have to make sure that you do not forget the other usual things necessary to attract traffic like writing quality content in your blog posts.


Source by Jose Bulao

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