When you’re recording, you want it all in one package; ease of use, portability, awesome sound (of course!), and plenty of options. Have a look at the Zoom H2 Handy Digital Stereo Recorder form Samson. Whatever your venue, this unit can fill the bill. Music concert? Easy. Lecture? No problem. Podcasting? Piece of cake. High quality stereo results from all of these, and more.

This compact unit has four microphones built right in, not just two, for true 360 degree recording. It can be set up for 90 or 120 degree patterns, blending four signals into an incredible stereo image. Different modes include WAV format and mp3, and you can select from several different bitrates/kHz. The H2 even lets you convert what you’ve saved into surround sound. This unit is so easy to use, just press record and you’re up and running. gain controls are in plain sight, just adjust the levels to your liking. Adjustments can also be tweaked as you go along for precise reproduction, giving you total creative control of the finished product. Easy to play back with a mini jack or a USB into your computer for editing and sharing.

A 512 meg SD card comes standard.The Zoom H2 Recorder can take a card up to 16 gig; this provides 24 hours storage in WAV mode. Better than that, you get an awesome 280 hours in mp3 mode! There’s a timestamp feature for precise editing.

Wait, what else do you need to start? Not much, really. The Zoom H2 Stereo Digital Recorder comes with a mic clip, earbuds, an AC adapter, tripod stand to eliminate handling noise, 512MB card, the 1/8 mini jack cable, and the USB cable as well.

So there you have it. Easy as can be, the Zoom H2 weighs only four ounces and runs on two AA batteries, which give four hours operating time. Good visibility from the backlit display is sweet when the ambient light is low. Altogether, it’s the ultimate convenience. It’s the one you’ve been looking for.

Oh wait a second, what about the price? The H2 lists for only $335.00, a bargain for all these features in one handy unit. However, there are certain major outlets who, due to their massive buying power, can offer these brand new digital recorders at less than half that price. How’s $145.00, more or less, AND free shipping sound?

Source by Art M

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