Step one is finding focus keywords/phrases for your business otherwise won’t rank for anything relevant to you and therefore this means you will be driving the wrong traffic to your website.

Step two is staying relevant in the search engine. Write content that is modern and interesting for users to read. Keep updated with the latest trends and find your business niche.

Step three is building links between websites. Create high Google page rank links via web directories, blogs or social media. Websites such as Yell, scoot and Yelp are great places to start.

Step four is putting all of your keywords on your website (but don’t spam). Google wants to see that your focus keyword is on your website, so it shows your relevance to this search phrase. Also remember to put your H Tags around these keywords as titles (h1, h2, h3… )

Step 5 is back linking. Add links to your focus keywords so that they link back to more relevant content you want to rank in the search. Create a blog on a topic such as ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ and then link back to landing pages that you want people to see more on your website.

Step 6 is adjusting the meta tag so that your descriptions relate to your page. A meta description shows a brief bit of text about that business. So if your page is about SEO, make sure that the searcher can clearly see what you page is about/ what it might include before they click on it.

Step 7 is optimising your social media pages so they flow correctly to your website. Keep your social media as relevant as your website, so that users can find and interest in both. Post relevant content everyday and this might even include some of your blogs.

Step 8 is continue building links. As we already know links are important, but it’s not just a one off thing, its good to do it every week or even a few every month. Why? because Google wants to see that your website is still growing and linking to relevant sources that your future customers may be interested in.

Thats about it for the basics of SEO. There are many more areas you can target, but if you are only starting off, theses are just a few things you can focus on for now.

If you’re looking for more SEO advice or guidance, read my blog Isle of Wight SEO for more details.

Source by Oliver Howells

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