Every website owner understands that search engine optimization is the best way to increase site traffic and change your search engine rank. This explains why there are millions of resources telling you how you can use SEO to your advantage. There are two ways you can apply search engine optimization to your website.

The first approach is called on-page optimization. This means that the content on the webpage you want to bring traffic to is optimized so as to show up higher in search engines and bring in traffic. This requires using keywords and excellent writing skills so you can get the most traffic.

Off-page optimization is when you build links to your webpage from another website. By clicking on these links, people are directed to your landing page. While this may sound simple, it’s not. Since you are relying on other people to include your link on their page you may be in for a tough challenge.

For this, you need to make sure that your website is one that other sites want to be linked to, and will want to place links of on their web pages. This means you need to target only those websites that are visited by the kinds of people you want visiting your site, but you might want to stay away from asking the competition to place back-links since they definitely won’t be OK with that. Also, the information on your website needs to be up to date, accurate, well written and worth linking to if you want anyone to link to your website.

The best ways you can apply both on and off page optimization is by hiring someone to do this for you. It is very simple to pay someone to write up to date and new content for your site, which will leave you free to do other things. You can also pay someone to create back-links, create marketing articles and in short take over your entire marketing plan. While this will end up costing you, it might actually be a good investment since if you hire someone who has a good reputation and knows what they are doing; you could end up with an exponential increase in traffic.

The important thing to know about off-page optimization is that you should not try and place thousand of links in the same week. By taking the slow and steady approach, you will be able to sustain the increase in traffic. It is also important to build well-rounded links. This is important since search engines give priority to well built links. It is also important to pick web pages that have been around for a long time when you are placing back-links. Search engines also offer priority to older websites and domain names than they do to new ones.

By making sure that you apply both on-page and off-page optimization to your website, you can increase your traffic exponentially in a few months and reap the benefits of this.

Source by Arnold Aranez

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