As the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) industry grows, so do the market for Search engines. We have seen more and more websites turning to SEO to promote their web based businesses, and in turn, we have also seen more and more search engines.

As the number of searches grow, each search engine tries to make itself better for the people using them. This means, that they have to produce better search results for each search topic than other searches. With this increase in competitive search engines, they must all change and improve their indexing of websites. These changes are in their algorithms and affect how they rate a website’s relevance. This change in how sites are rated makes it more difficult for black-hat methods of SEO to work.

Black-hat methods are often ways to scam the search engine’s search results. While they may work for a while, eventually the search engines will find the scam and remove any websites using them from the search results. It is always better to keep it honest and perform true SEO for your websites.

True SEO is about optimizing a website’s content to perform better in searches, or rather, optimizing a website’s content and design to make it better for the user’s use of the website. Focusing the content alone for search results is not necessarily enough to get indexed in the first page of search engines like Google or Yahoo. Your pages also have to be useful and not confusing to your customers or end users.

Part of the improvements in search engines’ analysis of your website includes how long users stay on your website. If your website loads slowly or is confusing, people are likely to leave your website quickly. Another reason for this is if your page descriptions are not focused on the true content of your page. This is an important part of optimizing your pages.

Search engines primary goal and function are to provide search results that are directly related to the topic of each search. Focusing your content and web design on a clear topic is going to get you the best results in search engine placements. Some of the areas that you must focus toward your topic to improve your SEO optimization are your meta tags, keywords, and body content.

Your meta tags are used by web crawlers, web bots, or spiders. This is how a search engine is going to see your website, and is generally the information that will appear in the listing for your web page in their index. Search engines use your meta keywords to determine what search results to determine your relevance for, but they also process your page content in this analysis. If your meta keywords are not reflected in your content, they are not even used. This can devalue your ranking. Keep your keywords focused to the content of each page.

Meta titles are a strong defining point for each page and its content. Choose a title that defines the page. Many websites use generic titles like page 1, page 2, and so on. This may help you identify the page, but search engines can’t use this to rate your relevance. In addition, the title listed in your meta tags is how your listing will appear in the index. The title needs to tell your viewer that they have found the right page. This title needs to be reinforced by the description for the page. This is where a viewer of the search results will look after the title tag to confirm that the page is about what they are looking for. Search engines are going to be looking at it the same way. This description is your meta description.

The keywords listed in the meta keywords must be used in your page’s content. Generally, it is better to focus a page on just a few or even one keyword. The more refined the page’s content, the better optimized it is and will perform better in the search engines. Throughout the body content, these keywords are used in a natural flow. Over use of them makes the content hard to read and follow by your reader. Also, over use of keywords or phrases may appear to be a form of scam to the web bot. This is commonly the result if the content does not flow.

Search results will continue to get better and more refined, but true SEO will keep your website and its pages moving up in these results as they are improved. Honesty and usefulness is the only real secret of SEO.

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