The basic elements of SEO

The basic elements of SEO consist of, in my view, rich content with appropriate use of keywords and links, both inbound and outbound.

These can be divided into many issues. I am, however, only going to discuss, in a few words, one point that webmasters can use in order to boost the rankings of their pages.

One keyword – one page

Doing the “keywords work” is the basis for SEO and any successful marketing of web pages on the internet. What keywords describe best the product or services you want to highlight?

And are those keywords carefully chosen?

The next thing to do is have another look at our competition. Remember that knowing your opposition is the first step to victory. Fighting them where they are the weakest, and stay clear of the fortresses, should be the tactics for success.

Let’s say, for the sake of argument, we pick the best keywords possible for our SEO work. But how to proceed?

There are many ways to proceed but the best possible groundwork is to allocate a special page to each individual keyword or chunk of keywords. And go from there, making a rich content with a carefully planned layout and textual setup, trying to present the keyword within a bullet list, anchor text and in bold letters, at least occasionally. And place the keyword in the first sentence of that page. And try to place that keyword also within the title of that particular page.

This is a good start. Now that keyword can be indexed by or resubmitted to Googlebot and other spiders. Other keywords should also be treated in this manner.

But the SEO work is only on square number one. But the foundation is now solid enough to build upon.

Source by Snorri Bergsson

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