SEO Methods Crucial to Establishing and Driving Traffic to Your SEO Optimized Blog

  • September 23, 2022
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Website marketing, paired with SEO, is the force that drives traffic to millions of individual blogs. Blogs specialize in everything from website design, to search engine marketing, to Lolcatz, to UFO pictures and everything in-between. Extremely successful blogs, however, are few and far between. Here’s part of the key to getting ahead–should you wish to ever acquire the equivalent of royalty in the blogging world.

Producing an appealing website design and delivering quality content

It doesn’t matter that your blog gets a hundred-thousand hits a day-that is, if the content isn’t strictly focused on catering to the interests of your readers. Nothing will drive traffic AND capture loyal subscribers better than content that-somehow, anyhow–builds rapport with them and ultimately improves their lives.

• While graphics, ease of navigation, and the overall aesthetic are very important, users need up-to-date, unique content (Flash video, How-To guides, Off-beat news, the kitchen sink) that’s relevant to them.

• Content should be cleanly organized. Use tabs, short paragraphs, top-ten lists, plenty of “white space”, and so forth. Make it almost minimalistic-but just almost.

• If you’re promoting a product or service, emphasize features but SELL the benefits.

• Establish the blog’s own unique brand or image.

• If there’s adequate capital, then highly consider hiring a reputable web design company.

SEO content writing: Market your articles

This one’s a proven winner properly done. Produce high-quality, useful, SEO-friendly documents (around 300-400 words apiece) and submit them one-by-one to article directories.

• Provide a resource box at the bottom of each article

• This usually includes an embedded hyperlink (of which should also be used sparingly throughout the document) to your website, a “teaser line” to bait users, and a witty use of your designated SEO keywords in it.

• To sum it up-give the reader a legit reason to want to click onto your site and possibly even subscribe.

Social Media

You’ve probably heard this one before, but it’s always worth pushing because it’s so incredibly effective. You’d be very hard pressed these days to find a good blog that didn’t utilize Facebook marketing and other social networking sites like StumbleUpon and Reddit.

• Never oversell social networks; give the reader the impression that he or she is free to subscribe or not subscribe.

• Your content is the force that will ultimately steer people towards those cute little ‘subscribe here’ or ‘Like This’ buttons.

• Just as your website is SEO-friendly and filled-to-the-brim with quality stuffs, your Facebook page (among others) has to equally spark readers’ attentions and get them to interact.


While there are other methods of driving traffic to your website, SEO remains king. Get familiarized with terms such as meta-tags, embedded hyperlinks, and page rank.

• Submit the website to all the major players-Google, Yahoo, Bing.

• The closer to the beginning of a webpage that primary keywords are placed, the better.

• Keywords should never exceed around 3-4% of the content. Search engines are excellent at filtering sites that are blatantly laden with key words and strings (aka ‘keyword stuffing’).

• Use keywords in headings and sub-headings; but again, do it moderately.

• Employ a healthy mixture of more general keywords, combined with keywords that are specific to your target audience(s).

• Aim to get listed and referred on other well-established and very popular websites that directly relate to your content. This lends you loads of credibility.

These little tidbits, while extremely useful, are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to generating traffic and gaining loyal readership. Volumes of entire books could be written on the subject, actually. Stay tuned for the next installment of key SEO methods and techniques!


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