It is a challenge for online businesses to get much traffic and appear on the first five pages of a search engine result. For this reason, search engine optimization (SEO) must be done for this is the key to generate more web site visitors.

Why Optimize?

One of the best ways to introduce or promote a business nowadays is by having a web site. It is a tool used to build a good relationship with existing and potential clients, raise awareness about products and services, and drive sales. The competition in e-commerce, however, is tough. Having a good web site does not guarantee a substantial profit gain. Thus, optimization is the key to maintain your web site’s competitive edge. Aside from social media, pay per click advertising, and usability analysis, SEO is considered the most significant part of Search Engine Marketing (SEM), which helps businesses increase target audiences in a cost-effective way.

What Makes a Successful Web Site?

Online users rely on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines to look for significant information. According to research, there are 245,203,319 Internet users in the United States or 78 percent of the total population in 2011 that greatly impacts online businesses. Will it overwhelm you knowing that all of them are aware of your business? Moreover, the births of social media and handy gadgets make advertising a lot easier. While most of us are enthused with the idea behind search engine optimization, it is important to consider several factors to ensure that your traffic flow will not suffer. Choose SEO packages that provide the following:

• Keyword – This is considered the most important element in the process. In choosing a keyword, it is significant to identify what the business is all about as well as its expected number of searches every month. Additionally, make sure that keywords are properly and equally distributed throughout the content-in title tags, paragraph, heading, and body text. You may check the list of keywords through Google keyword suggestion tool to increase global search volume.

• Content – Most likely, web sites are rated and indexed through the relevance of their content, which can be distributed in different “article banks” to generate back links. Aside from increased keyword density, content is also used to have better impact than traditional links through articles, blog posts, press releases, and e-book.

• Submission – This is one of the most important services that SEO packages have. Remember, optimization gives your business an identity. Your web site should be submitted to different search engines for indexing.

• Tracking – Every business has different metrics and criteria to determine success. As a web site owner, it is crucial to keep track of the contribution of each traffic source on your site such as direct navigation, and referral and search traffic to identify significant improvements.

• XML sitemaps – Sitemaps are a logical list of all pages on a web site that are accessible to web crawlers and users. By adding XML sitemaps to root directory, web sites will be classified by search engine easily.

• HTML sitemaps – An HTML sitemap is the actual page that outlines the complete structure and links important pages on your site. Aside from easy navigation, it is also significant to inform search engines immediately for any changes in your site.

With all the possible advertising strategies to make, a business can easily compete in the industry and succeed. However, when all these fail, your last option may be taking advantage of SEO packages.

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