It is a well known fact that SEO services are made to ensure that your web presence is established. You do that using 2 main methods. You optimize using keywords and you use link building. These are the most popular ways in which we can get that presence in the web. However, this is just one side of the deal. We need to make a marketing strategy. There is a critical curve with how much you get from search engines. One day, the search engines could just stop sending the visitors. And what happens after that? As a measure, you can still use one more bullet aside from organic search results.

You can go for links from the other websites or link building. Your presence in other websites can drive significant relevant traffic. You can go for cross linking where one website and another one makes a deal to link together to drive the traffic to each other. If other websites recognize your relevance and link your site to theirs without the need of cross linking, you immediately increase your presence online and get a unique channel of users not dependent on the search engines. The fact is combining those 2 SEO services can boost your presence, ranking and furthermore, potential customers. It is necessary to use these methods hand in hand so that you can have a more stable presence online. This is very critical for those who are just starting up but equally important for established websites on the web.

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