SEO link building is important, and one way to build links to your site is to submit to PAD enabled software directories or freeware download sites. Finding these sites is not a problem since there are hundreds of them that can be found in the internet.

When you submit to a PAD site you are submitting a software package for listing, which is not like when you are submitting to a traditional web directory. For the usual web directories you submit your website’s contents together with a link and an anchor text, for users to be able to link back to you.

A PAD file is a software where you put all information in a standardized format, and which software developers submit to the various freeware and share where directories in the internet. It contains information about the file sites, the download URL, relevant keywords and other data about your site which normally web developers fill out when they submit to the usual web directories.

And for better SEO, a quick tip is to make sure to update listings and information shown on the front page of the software download site since it gets the more exposure. This can give better optimization when links can make its way back to your site via links you get from the download site, also.

And a quick tip also is when you submit, you have to make sure that your software release date in the PAD file is actually the date of actual submission. If you have submission dates the same as release date you will have more chances of having exposure on the front page.

When you create a PAD file that uses your site as the URL for information about your download and you submit this PAD file to the shareware and freeware directories, you will have already the available links. The directories will then create a page that lists all the information in your PAD file together with a link, which is your site’s URL that you have furnished.

In any SEO campaign, building links is very useful, but is also very tedious to do that any web marketer will do any link building strategy that they may find useful. This PAD file submission strategy may be a great SEO building technique that can generate links for you.

And to make the links more valued by the search engines you have to make sure that the links generated from the download have relevance to contents in the niche site. Having your PAD files flooded with quality contents containing relevant keywords in the list, you will be able to boost the quality of all the links you will generate from this method.

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