So we’re heading for a recession, some would argue we’re already hip deep in it – it doesn’t have to mean doom & gloom, and it doesn’t have to mean that your business is going to bite the dust. All it means is in certain industries people are spending less, leaving a smaller pie. You need to find a way to take a bigger bite of that smaller pie, as long as you can do that, along with being careful with your spending – there’s no reason why a recession should spell the end for your business.

In recession, many businesses do fail, so without a doubt some businesses in your industry are likely to fold – this doesn’t mean that has to include your business.

When consumers are spending less, we have to work harder on advertising & marketing to make sure we retain & grow our market share – businesses which do not do this, have a much greater chance of falling victim to the recession. So companies which reduce their marketing, or stop it all together in times of recession, are really missing the point – it’s in times like this that you really need to push your marketing as far as you can take it.

At the same time however, when heading towards bad times, we do need to be careful what we spend – therefore the best marketing strategies in times like these, are those which gain maximum results with minimum cash investment.

SEO – search engine optimization (search engine optimisation if you’re in the UK) is – in my experience – one of the activities that businesses who want to survive the recession absolutely must be involved in. The reason is, SEO when done correctly (the safe, white hat approach) brings targeted buying traffic, day after day, week after week – free organic search engine traffic, at little or no continued investment.

Yes – you will have to invest in someone to do the SEO for you, or invest in the time & effort to learn how to & then do it yourself if you’re so inclined – but contrary to popular belief, SEO isn’t something that you have to continually work on to keep search engine positions. I still have positions at or towards the top of Google & other search engines from SEO work I did three or four years ago! SEO if done correctly, results in long lasting results – not all positions will last this long, and it is a good idea to have your SEO looked at from time to time, and to continually work on finding new keyword area’s & adding new content – but you do not constantly have to work on SEO to keep your positions, if you do then you’re probably going for the wrong keywords.

Whenever I work out how much a client would have had to pay for the traffic I have got for them over a given period if they had used pay per click advertising instead, it usually works out that it would have cost at least five to ten times more, or even greater, to gain the same amount of traffic via PPC marketing!

So – if you want to ensure your business doesn’t get taken out by the recession we’re moving towards, don’t neglect SEO, it could be your ticket out of the doom & gloom!

Source by Kevin John Lewis

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