Sharing Home Movies With Family And Friends

  • September 23, 2022
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With new services and technology popping up daily, sharing home movies is becoming more accessible to the average person. However, not everyone wishes to share their videos with the entire planet. Depending on who you wish to share video with, there are multiple ways and places to help you do just that.

Most digital camcorders capture video in a format that can be uploaded to the internet. However, if you want to edit your footage, most video editing programs provide codecs that are used on most video sharing sites and services. When using video sharing sites, you will need to check what resolution and/or time limits there are to make sure the video you want to share doesn’t exceed them. Otherwise, you’ll either have to pay a membership fee or head back to the editing room. Both YouTube and Shutterfly fall into this category.

Most e-mail programs can handle sending video, but it’s best to ask if the recipient has the same video codecs as you do. If you prefer to send them a DVD, there are plenty of programs and services that can make it easy to do so. The only things to worry about are damaged discs or corrupted files. As services improve, many people rarely have this happen to them compared to a half decade ago.

Sending copies home videos on a DVD makes sense if you only have a few friends and family members. However, sharing with others outside your network requires video sharing and social networking sites.

YouTube is typically the place to upload videos, but not so much if you wish to have control over who can’t and can’t see them. Vimeo and Facebook, however, give you the option to either create a password or set it to where only your friends can see. You’ll have to comb through the options, but they’re there if you want to use them. This method puts your videos in reach of any family or friend with a computer, while giving you the privacy you desire. Also, you don’t have to worry about using up space on your hard drive once you’ve uploaded them.

Whether you want to share your home movies with the world or just a select few, there are multiple ways to do it. If you need more advice, there are plenty of blogs, websites, and services to help you distribute your movies in any way you choose. However, it’s not extremely difficult to do yourself if you already use the services mentioned above. From the fireplace to cyberspace, sharing home movies is a great way for families to remember those precious moments no matter if they were there in person or not.


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