The following article contains six simple practice building tips that you can easily incorporate into your own daily routine that are guaranteed to lead to exponential practice growth. In fact, these can be so seamlessly fitted into your daily marketing efforts that the only way you will know that you are doing them is by the tremendous numbers of patients that they bring in.

Because everybody loves lists you may even want to print this out and pin it somewhere where you can see it – ideally next to your marketing calendar and make sure that you have worked your way through the list daily without fail.

That said and without further ado, here we go.

1. Specialize. You cannot be everything to everyone and by trying to be a generalist you will only end up stressing yourself and suffering burn out. It is rightly reported that “create a niche and you’ll get rich” and by becoming an expert in your own area you avoid all competition.

2. Guarantee results and eliminate all risks from prospective clients. There may be may reasons why prospective clients may not want to experience what you do and the main one is the financial risk that if you can’t help them they will be out of pocket. If you remove this block from them attending you are far more likely to get people through the door and once they are in you can convince them to stay with your brilliance.

3. Show the benefits of your service not the features. People buy with their hearts and then justify the decision with their minds. They don’t care about what you do, they just care about how it makes them feel – so create some emotive selling points! It doesn’t matter what services you provide you need to understand that you’re in the outcome business. You are selling results, outcomes and life changing therapies whilst your competitors sell treatments.

4. Talk to at least five people a day about what you do. Get out and mingle with the local community and build up trust and rapport. Shop and eat in the surrounding neighbourhood wherever person people will realize that you are their local person to turn to in need. Get in front of groups and speak – give talks, demonstrations about what you do and you will discover that it’s the fastest way to establish authority and build a dedicated following of eager and knowledgeable clients.

Find the people in your community who know a lot of other people – church goers, members of clubs, gyms and get them to spread the word for you. According to the work done by Stanley Milgram we are only six people away from anybody else – so if you get a few community leaders on your side spreading the word who knows how many people (and who!) they may send your way!

Whilst you are building your numbers of interested prospects don’t forget that your current clients are your best source of referrals – and get them spreading the word! If you aren’t getting referrals from your current clients it is most probably because you aren’t asking them! Whilst they are excited about the improvements you have made for them simply ask for the names of a couple of other people that you can help as well…

…and if they can’t think of any names to give you get them to write you a testimonial. The more testimonials and the more social proof you have that what you do works – the greater the number of prospective clients that will be attracted to you.

5. Build an email list of prospective clients and current clients and communicate with them often. Get your list to know, like and trust you and you are half-way there to getting them as clients – and keeping them as clients. Keep your mailings a mixture of educational material, entertainment, offers and reviews. Don’t try any hard selling and sales pitches as people will just not read what you have to say – the idea is to keep yourself at the front of their mind so that whenever they need someone that does what you do – yours is the name that immediately comes to them

6. Sell people what they WANT but give them what they NEED. Attract clients to you by offering what they want and whilst they are with you convert them to what you actual do.

For example any complementary therapist will argue that preventative treatments and maintenance care are the best solutions for everybody. Regular check-ups will prevent possible problems whilst keeping you in the peak of physical condition – but that isn’t what patients want (or at least they don’t realize it yet!). 99 times out of 100 they want relief from pain and they want it now – so get them in to relieve their pain and sow the seeds of how great it will be to never have this ailment trouble them again. Get patients in with pain relieve and keep them with prevention!

Above you have multiple marketing steps that will each bring in a few clients on their own. However, when combined they will lead to a massive increase in clinic numbers and these six incredibly easy to implement ideas are guaranteed to give you exponential practice growth – but only if you implement them and implement them on a consistent basis.

Source by W J Simmons

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