What is website?

It is the media through which information can be spread through out the world. The important thing is spreading information, how to spread information? How users will come to know about website? These are the some questions will get raised….

For above questions Search Engine Optimization will give the answer. SEO is the main base for website through which we are going to spread information or any other important information. Just by developing website work will not be over. Following information will give you some basic information about SEO according to my experience

* Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

Step 1: How to get identified by major search engines(reference to Google)?

Add your website URL in Search engines. Fetch sitemap.xml or add meta tag or dns record or link your website with Google analytics.

Step 2: You will get the performance of your site within a 10 days. Google will give all the information about your website and follow the results given by Google and do changes the website.

Step 3: In SEO meta tags matters, concentrate on meta tags too because while crawling search engines will go through these meta tags.

Step 4: The length of these meta tags within specified length as per SEO standards. Like each tag should not have more number of words.

Step 5: Use the keywords properly in all the tags including content of the website as per SEO standards like 2 to 4% keyword usage is proper according to me.

Step 6: Content of the website should be unique and keyword usage should be proper. Because after the meta tags content is the very important search engine crawler.

Step 7: Analyze all the pages in online search engine checking tools. As per the results do changes if necessary

Step 8: Once complete SEO setup will be done go for getting backlinks.

Step 9: Getting huge backlinks is good to get good page ranking and Alexa ranking.

Step 10: To get backlinks take help from directory submission sites and blogging sites like blogger, WordPress and TypePad.

Step 11: To get backlinks paid service is also there you can go for that also.


* Sea Engine Marketing(SEM)

It is the form of internet marketing.Marketing will be done through internet nowadays this has become popular and many customers are satisfied by this internet marketing.

Some of the methods in SEM are as follows

Step 1: After SEO setup concentrate on this too if you are providing service or sales through your website.

Step2: Take use of Google keyword finder tool and in this tool you can easily analyze the competitors.

Step 3: Generate proper keywords as per your website message. Use these keywords in site content and keyword tag.

Step 4: Try to get traffic from the website which have got good page ranking and Alexa ranking. This influences your site more.

Step:5 Take help of social working sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Step 6: Publish your website information in social networking sites and give update about your website regularly.

Step 7: Take advertisement campaign from Google, Facebook and LinkedIn too.

Step 8: Send mails and SMS to targeted customers.

Step 9: Publish offers about your products.


* Social Networking

Nowadays social networking has become more popular and has got huge number of internet users. In Search Engine Marketing this social networking play an very important role and SEO is the base for website to get identified by major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Note: Search Engine Optimization is permanent.

Source by Harish Choudhari

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