What is the Socrates Theme? To put it very simple; it is a WordPress template used to display a consistent appearance throughout your website.

If you are a blogger or just starting out you should know that there are several free WordPress themes available even some in your admin panel. The Socrates Theme however is a WordPress Premium Theme, which means you need to buy it to have it.

The question comes down to why would someone want to buy a theme when you can have one for free? Here are a few reasons why to help you understand why free is not always better.

– Premium Support

– More Colors and choices

– Layout and Sidebar options 7 design choices

– Over 200 Header options

Now lets ask a better questions like what can the Socrates Theme do for my business? Although not a short answer you need to learn how the theme is setup in order to cover all the exceptional features. First let’s look at the Layout panel, which is 1 of 6 panels contained in the theme that controls different elements of Socrates.

1. Layout

2. Navigation

3. Styling

4. Header

5. Background

6. Banner Exchange

The layout panel within itself then has 7 different options to choose from when designing a website.

1. 300 px sidebar right

2. 300 px sidebar left

3. 150 px sidebar right

4. 150 px sidebar left

5. Both sidebars

6. Double right sidebar

7. No sidebars

Why the Socrates Theme works so well for me is I am an affiliate marketer and it was designed just for us. There are navigational links above the header that can be displayed, under the header you have your pages within your site for people to go to, above the first post is a rotating banner that displays up to 3 ads, then next to that there are 5 Clickbank marketplace ads and 5 social networking links to display. All of this is above the fold making it clearly visible to everyone that lands on your page. Even at the bottom you can add additional links to products. Do you see the possibilities are endless with the Socrates Theme.

Through the process of starting your online business I am sure you have read if you want success then become an expert in whatever it is. You can not become an expert when you use several different themes. Get to know the Socrates theme or any one theme well so that you can make your website be your hardest working employee.

You may be thinking that if you buy the multi-site version all your websites will look the same? I can promise you they won’t. You will be able to create each site different by using different sidebar and header options that are listed above.

Want to see what you can do with the Socrates Themes? Look at my site now Easy Six Figure Income I have it powering my blog.

Look for my next post about Socrates Theme a Premium WP product to learn more about the monetization features. This is the first in a series I will create to help users benefit more from the Socrates Theme.

Source by Lisa A Mavridis

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