SEO is a complex process and one that has many complicated elements. It’s constantly changing and it’s constantly evolving, and if you don’t stay abreast of these changes then you can end up missing out or being left behind.

At the same time though the element of SEO that many people forget about is the competition – when you do SEO essentially you are fighting it out with countless other bloggers and webmasters for the top spot and this means doing everything you can to usurp your opponents at the top and more effectively woo Google.

If you are to succeed this simply means pouring in more time, more effort and more quality in to your site – but there are a few tips that can also give you an ‘edge’ over the competition and help you to get there faster. Here we will look at what a few of those things are.


In almost any industry it pays to know the right people and SEO is no different. If you have the right connections then you can ask a favour from someone with a powerful website, or you can get some information from someone with lots of experience, and when you do this you’ll find that your site quickly jumps up the rankings and that you get a kind of ‘foot up’ from the sites that have already made it.

Obviously not all of us are fortunate enough to have the right contacts and help, but there are ways you can go about securing it. Just make sure that every time someone e-mails you with a question or a point, that you answer back rapidly and give them the information they need. This way you’ll be able to forge relationships from the people you trade links with and your fans – all of whom have connections of their own. At the same time you should extend the hand of friendship yourself by dealing out free links and generally playing ball with other webmasters. What goes around comes around…


The problem with many webmasters is that they wait for something to happen and then launch an article. Just wait and see how many articles come out about now regarding the Microsoft Surface Tablet and the Disavow Links tool. It’s all good and well, but ultimately it means you’re constantly on your back foot – and much more effective is to try and anticipate and second guess what the next big deal will be so that you can get to the top before the competition arrives. The same goes for changes to Google’s algorithms themselves, which is why you should use a professional web service for your SEO needs.

Go Local

The more niche your key phrase is the easier it will be for you to reach the top. A great thing to do then if you’re a small business is to take your key phrase and then apply a local slant to it. So instead of ‘cheap hairdressing’ you should be ‘cheap hairdressing Melbourne’ as that will enable you to jump straight up to the top for the people you care about seeing your site.

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