Setting up and maintaining a successful business is not all about being able to make a sale. In order to ensure one’s success in this endeavor, it is also important to be able to keep tab of all the aspects of the process of selling – from the time it takes to get a lead to analyzing the data in order to set future targets that are realistic. These are all important aspects to ensure one’s success.

The first step involves dealing with leads or potential customers. Things will be a lot easier if we keep a list of leads that we can get in touch with to offer our product or service. If our list is systematic, we will be able to save time and effort in looking for pertinent information such as the lead’s contact number and e-mail address. It is also important to search for leads and setup a sales call in order to close potential deals.

Once we have made a successful contact and convinced some of our prospects to become our clients, we should also be able to monitor and track them on a separate list. A system that will help us create and list accounts will greatly help in dealing with them in the future. Of course, the deal will not be complete without a quote. A quote is basically a proposal of how much we would be charging for the product or service that is being offered, and if the client approves the quote, then that means we have successfully closed the deal.

For documentation purposes, the next step that we need to do is to create a sales order and an invoice. This is the final document that we will need to send to the client so that they can pay for the service. But the work does not stop there. We also need to make sure that we are able to collect money from the invoice. We can track it by entering the name of the person who collected the payment as well as the date the payment was collected.

For a more systematic approach, we will also need a system where we can setup an event and pull out a list of upcoming events. We can also use a virtual calendar which we can view anytime to check for any upcoming schedules. This is to ensure there will not be any conflicts between our potential clients and we are able to schedule all the tasks and responsibilities without conflicting with other deliverables.

There are times when certain documents may need to be attached to corresponding transactions. Having a system that will help in creating and listing available documents will help a lot in this process. Once this is done, we will also need a system that can help us set forecasts or future targets and generate reports that will help us analyze if the business is doing good or if more work needs to be done.

Each of the steps discussed above are essential in becoming successful in selling a product or a business. Keeping a record of prospects, of existing clients and accounts is important in making sure that we stay connected with them for future transactions. In addition, adhering to a system that will help us keep track of transactions will not only help in not missing an important event or occurrence. It will also help in setting future goals and being able to reach them.

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