The 10 Pros of Self-Publishing

  • September 23, 2022
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Here are 10 great reasons that explain why self-publishing is a great thing to get into. Now, more than ever before, self-publishing can be a fascinating and profitable way to improve your career and bank account at the same time.

1. You retain control of your own publication: This is probably the most important reason for many of us that decide to self-publish.

2. Keep larger percentage of the profits: You are going to work long hard hours to bring your finished publication to the market. You should benefit financially as much as possible. As a self-publisher you can easily keep 45% to 80% of the cover price.

3. Get your publication into the market very fast: Traditional publishers can take many, many months to do what a self-publisher can do in a few months – or even weeks.

4. Very few entry barriers: A computer, simple software, internet access, a basic business plan, some free time, and a dream, and you are off and running to become a self-publisher.

5. Be recognized as an authority and boost your career: Very few people in our world will actually publish a book. Doing so will make you stand-out from the crowd. Having a published book is much better than a resume.

6. Doesn’t eliminate your chances of a traditional publishing deal: If your book sells enough copies, gets enough publicity, and is a timely topic, it is certainly possible to get a traditional deal – but they keep almost all of the income.

7. Traditional publishers don’t have the time to deal with you: Typically, their interest in your book will only last several months. Then they will drop you for more profitable publications. Then you must take your book and do all the marketing, sales, and promotion yourself.

8. Great side-business: This is how many self-publishers get started. They create one book, hoping to boost their career, and get the satisfaction of seeing their name on a book. Some enjoy the process of publishing so much so that they then produce more books, or start a micro/niche publishing company.

9. Stigma has vanished: In our fast-paced and changing world there is always a big demand for high-quality unadulterated information from authors that know what they are talking about. Readers don’t care if the book was published by one person or a big publishing house.

10. Internet makes it easy and fast: Because of the internet we can now market and sell our publications all over the world – in a matter of minutes. We can also create a very sophisticated and successful marketing and promotion program that reaches a world-wide audience. Now, more than ever before, one person can run and manage a very successful self-publishing operation – right from their home office.


Source by Joseph C Kunz, Jr

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