As an MTSO (medical transcription service organization) you provide transcription services to the Medical and perhaps the Business markets.

By utilizing a HIPAA compliant online file storage and sharing service to store and share your audio files and transcripts, you’re business will be protected and your files will be secure. The ease-of-use and simplicity of an online file storage and sharing will make sharing files with Doctors and transcribers easy and pain-less.

What to look for in an Online File Storage and Sharing service:

You’ll need a HIPAA compliant service. Look for a”HIPAA Compliant”

service that delivers a secure, fast, and easy way to share your digital recordings with Doctors, your subcontractors, clients, and vendors. Try the service and make sure it’s easy to use.

Cost should be considered when selecting a service. With online storage prices decreasing every day, should should be able to secure an online file storage and sharing service for less than $20.00 per month. Most services provide fees that are less than the cost of a single overnight shipment.

As a MTSO you’ll immediately benefit with an online file storage and sharing service.. You’ll instantly gain more productivity and you’ll eliminate the problems associated with sending your large digital recordings via email.

Seek and Online File Storage and Sharing Service That Utilizes the “FTP” Protocol

When selecting a site make sure it utilize the FTP protocol. This is the standard protocol used to share and store large files via the Internet. In addition, the FTP protocol is the most common method of file transfer and/or transport utilized by most digital recording manufacturers including Olympus, Philips, and Sony.

Instantly Share Transcripts and Audio files Across the World

An online FTP file storage and sharing service will allow you to instantly share your electronic files across the country or across the street. Distance does not matter. With the speed of the Internet your files can be shared quickly, across the country in moments. Distance factors are completely eliminated.

Individual Protected Vendor & Client Folders

All of your clients, subcontractors, & vendors will benefit from their very own online secure FTP online file storage and sharing folder that they alone can only access (of course you’ll be able to access it as well). They will have the ability to upload, download, change, rename, add and delete files at their leisure. They can also easily add/create sub-folders.

No More UPS or FedEx Overnight Charges

You’ll be able to eliminate overnight shipping expenses. No more sending digital tapes, memory sticks, or CD’s via FedEx or UPS. Those days are gone! Your basic monthly fee will cost less than a single FedEx or UPS overnight shipment.

All Your File Types are Supported and There is No Size Limit on the Files

You will no longer have to worry about the size of your digital files or their type.

Most online file storage services will accommodate any file size and/or file types.

In addition, you won’t have to worry about your files being caught by a Spam filter or a corporate firewall. Almost all FTP site operates independently and will accommodate all your needs.

HIPAA Compliant Secure Storage

The security of your online folders and files is critical. An online file storage site will allow you to store and share your digital files online in a secure manner.

File compromise is eliminated when you select a service that is HIPAA compliant.

Online file storage is ideal for transcriptionists that work with numerous clients and sub contractors across the country.

Create Your Own Custom Solution

Many of the FTP online file storage and sharing service providers offer custom solutions if you simply ask for one. For example, let’s say you need a 4GB of storage with only 8 user accounts. You should be able to find a provider that will create that configuration for you without

it costing you an arm and a leg. In most cases all you have to do is ask them to put together a configuration that meets your needs.

For your convience I’ve listed a few FTP file storage and sharing sites that you may want to consider trying. They are: and

Source by Joe Goldrich

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