For those of you, like me, who are pretty internet savvy and still haven’t heard of pay per install, pay per install is a way in which you can put content on your website that others can click on and install at their own free will. It is not like a spyware that installs itself as soon as they open up your website, users make a choice to install the content.

Once they do, you get paid for it, from a few cents to more than $1 for each install, depending on the type of content you choose to put on your site.

Some of the different types of pay per install programs are file sharing, such as video and music content or software files similar to shareware. These types of pay per install are very popular for the person who already does file sharing and is familiar with it, and who is on their computer for several hours per day.

File sharing pay per install are also desirable because they don’t have the stigma that some of the other content has and it is much easier to get others who are interested in your installs.

One of the pay per install types of content that does have the stigma, but still seems very popular, is the paid survey content. There are some great paid survey companies that offer real surveys and pay real money.

And then there are the ones that you click on to take a “short survey” but it takes hours to get through because they want you to sign up for at least ten different offers in order to get paid. If the paid survey pay per install is your interest, be sure to find one of the good ones, otherwise you will end up driving traffic away from your website.

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