The Importance of WordPress Rest API

While developing web applications with WordPress, developers connect the application to third-party programs and services through specific application programming interfaces (APIs). They further use a variety of APIs to enhance the WordPress application’s functionality and user experience. WordPress REST API enables programmers to connect their application to other software and services in a simpler and more efficient way. The developers can use the plug-in to make their WordPress application connect with other websites and services by overcoming differences in data forma and back-end programming languages.

Understanding Important Aspects of WordPress REST API

JSON Data Format

They can use the plug-in to make the WordPress application communicate with third-party software and services by sending and receiving JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) objects. JSON is a modern and human-readable data format. Also, JSON has encoders and decoders for most widely used programming languages. Hence, the WordPress application and third-party software can exchange data in a mutually intelligible format. The developers can further connect their WordPress application seamlessly to a variety of software and services by writing simple JavaScript code.

REST Methodology

WordPress has designed the plug-in as a universal connector by using Representational State Transfer (REST) methodology. In addition to having a simple data format, REST also allows developers to use commonly used HTTP methods like POST, GET, DELETE and PUT. At the same time, the methodology can facilitate exchange of data in both XML and JSON format. The REST methodology simplifies the communication between two programs. It further makes the WordPress application exchange data with other websites and services in both XML and JSON format.

Compatibility with Other Web Programming Languages

While developing websites with WordPress, programmers have to write code in PHP. At present, PHP is the most popular server-side programming language. But it lacks many advanced features provided by modern programming languages like Ruby, Java and C#. Hence, many developers nowadays prefer writing web applications in modern programming languages. The WordPress REST API will make it easier for programmers to connect WordPress applications to other websites and services regardless of their server-side programming language. The seamless connection will further help programmers to eliminate common compatibility issues.

Facilitate Custom Web Application Development

The WordPress REST API will make it easier for developers to build custom web applications according to varying business requirements. As they can use the plug-in to access third-party information and resources from many sources, the developers can easily enhance the look, feel, and functionality of the web application. Many developers can further create custom websites without relying on traditional WordPress interface. They can further use the tool to build the front-end and back-end of a WordPress application in an entirely new and more efficient way.

Optimize WordPress Applications for Mobile Devices

At present, major mobile operating systems like iOS and Android support JSON data format. As WordPress REST API allows applications to exchange data in JSON format, it becomes easier for programmers to optimize WordPress applications for mobile devices. Many developers can use the plug-in to developer and run mobile applications with WordPress. They can further develop and deploy mobile apps efficiently by using WordPress as the back-end. The WordPress REST API will enable many developers to create native mobile apps by leveraging their existing programming skills.

Simplify Third-Party Content Integration

The WordPress REST API will make it easier for programmers to integrate content from various sources into a website. Likewise, the tool will simplify the process of making the content and resources of a WordPress website accessible to other websites. The WordPress developers can use WordPress more efficiently as a content management system to manage and source website content from multiple sources. They can further use WordPress REST API to make websites deliver more relevant and contextual information to users on a regular basis.

On the whole, WordPress REST API makes it easier for programmers to connect their WordPress applications to other websites and devices. The developers can use the plug-in to create custom websites according to varying business requirements, while integrating content from various sources and optimizing content for mobile devices.

Source by Arun Kumar Biswal

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