The SEO Technique That Is Sure To Work – Permalink URL And Meta Keyword Description

  • September 23, 2022
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Search engine optimization, in the eyes of most, is still the best way to find and reach an audience online. With SEO tactics, however, some work and some do not. In order to know whether the plan that you are enacting is right, you have to keep a watch on what your unique visitations are like in a given month. Each time that you employ a new tactic, make sure that you can trace its effectiveness. This is, essentially, the joy of doing business online. It gives you the opportunity to see some very real analytics, which can give you in no uncertain terms, the results of your marketing efforts. Probably the SEO technique that works best – permalink URLs and META keyword descriptions – make it easy for search engine bots to find you, and for readers to know exactly what they are getting.

Permalink URLs

Say you are writing a blog post with the title, “5 Ways to Get Quality Backlinks.” If you did not have permalink URLs that were specific to the post, you would probably end up with the root of your website, followed by something like a number sequence after the slash. With Permalink URLs, you can actually make sure the post root term is something like “5-ways-to-get-quality-backlinks.” This sounds much more professional, and it signals to search bots and to readers exactly what the page will be about. The clarity of the headline is inviting to the reader, even if he or she is looking for only 1 or 2 suggestions, or perhaps 10 or 11. You are more likely to get clicks, and with clicks come the opportunity for recurring readership.

META Keyword Descriptions

Because a post is about more than its headline, you need to start learning how to use META keyword descriptions to further focus in on what your posts are truly about. Search engine bots like to deal with highly focused content. Those are the types of posts that rise to the top quicker. Likewise, readers can get a very quick overview of what the article is about without having to read a single word. This speeds up the reader’s research time and leaves you looking favorably in their eyes. It also creates a situation where they are more likely to see something that will be of interest to them.

As you move in to the world of SEO further, you will learn more advanced tactics, but try never to lose sight of the two mentioned above. Your content should be your king, and if you are creating good content, then you will never be at a loss for quality Permalink URLs or META keyword descriptions. And your readers will thank you for it.


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