If you ask your friend what is a good place to start blogging apart from using Blogger and WordPress, the answer is Tumblr! Would like to know several reasons why you will love Tumblr? The top 3 reason revealed below.

Reason 1: Many free themes to choose from.

Tumblr has a place where you can find all kind of gorgeous themes. It was called as Theme Garden. It was filled with featured themes, premium themes, popular themes and several new themes waiting to be selected. You will become like a kid in candy store! You can install any other theme made by professional designers too.

Reason 2: Simple and powerful.

Tumblr was designed to display simplicity combined with powerful web features. Each and every blog in Tumblr has high resolution image setting. Every time you upload a picture, it will look like you’ve captured it in HD camera. The picture is sharp and very clear. You can publish a blog post via email, you can also call Tumblr to post your article via voice recording. It is very easy for you to post photos, quotes, images, videos, texts or slide show. No need to learn technical skills.

Reason 3: You can use custom domain.

You can remove your original domain name used in Tumblr to replace it with a new domain name. You can build personality using this way. Other people will treat your blog as professional blog especially when you use a dot com domain name. You don’t have to use Google Blogger or WordPress.com just to enjoy this feature.

Source by Lia Nadia Qistina

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