SEO is one of the most affordable and reliable forms of online marketing and all the business websites should be optimized as per the search engine algorithms. SEO is a never ending process and a site needs to undergo continuous SEO activities to get the desired results. SEO is mainly classified into onpage and offpage optimization which involves entirely different activities. All the activities done on the website for SEO activities comes under onpage optimization and the activities we do on external sites for the promotion of our website is known as offpage optimization.

All the changes that we make on the website comes under onpage SEO activity and there are a lot of small and big onpage techniques which will help in boosting the search engine rankings of a website. But I would like to list the top 5 onpage optimization factors that would help in improving the search engine ranking for a particular website. The 5 onpage optimization factors are listed below.

1) Site Analysis and Keyword Research

A detailed analysis of the website followed by a careful and smart keyword research process is the foundation stone for a successful SEO campaign. If you analyse the website in a wrong way or select the keywords without making enough research, then your SEO activities might not yield you the desired results. So make this initial onpage SEO activity as perfect as possible to kick start your SEO activity in a much better way.

2) Meta and Title Tag Creation

One the keyword research part is complete, then the next job is to implement these keywords onto the website. For this you have to create unique and relevant Meta and Title tags for each and every page. If you do not create relevant and unique Meta and Title tag, then you would really find it hard to see better results from your SEO process. Meta and Title tag optimization is the most basic SEO technique and this should be made as perfect as possible.

3) Alt Tag Creation

The listing of the images in the search results can get you more organic traffic and hence it is necessary to optimize all the possible images present on your website. Optimizing your images with proper and relevant ALT tags can increase the chances of your website images appearing in search results more often. If you can analyze the traffic stats of any of your well optimized website, you could come to know that a good amount of traffic comes from image searches and hence you cannot ignore the optimization of your images using proper ALT tag creation.

4) Content Optimization

Content plays an integral part in increasing the search engine visibility of a website and hence the content of a website should be well optimized with the targeted keywords. It doesn’t mean spamming your content with keyword stuffing, rather placing or including the keywords in the right proportion without troubling the readability of your content.

5) Regular Updates

Search engines always prefer websites having fresh content and regular updates and such sites usually perform much better than their competitors. Always try to make updates on the websites such as content changes, image changes, slight layout changes etc. A website with no changes for a long period are sure to dip lower in the search engine ranking and it is always better to perform regular updates on the website to stay ahead of the competition.

There are few more onpage optimization factors that I have not mentioned in the points given above. But I consider the above 5 points as the most basic and influential factors that can determine the success of your SEO activities.

Source by George K Abraham

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