When a pair of online marketing mavens join forces, what can result? Generally an innovative product, but do we know whether it will be a quality one? Of course not! I am frequently asked to review product, software and training launches. I am only able to accept a few of these weekly, primarily because of quality, knowledge and expertise. Anyone seeking an exciting, novel, very useful course combined with the knowledge of a pair of expert online marketing moguls, I urge to to peruse the following detailed review of Traffic Omega.

To be released on May 11, 2010, Traffic Omega is the creation of renowned website flipping genius Desmond Ong and the brilliant self-branding expert Molly Dalbec. Two individuals each possessing substantial knowledge of current web marketing techniques, it pleased us to learn that they collaborated on a project of this scope. With that stated, we began to dig deeper into Traffic Omega and found that there are indeed a number of things to be excited about therein!

It is important to first note that Traffic Omega is by no means a Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click or Pay Per View class! The major, indeed major traffic promotion class uses none of the above strategies that are so often utilized. I have examined this class largely because it is different! To our knowledge, there has been nothing similar launched to date. It may be that this seems hokey, though it is entirely true. Our impression to this point has been very favorable!

Traffic Omega consists of 5 sections, which receive updates each week. Individual modules provide numerous video lessons (90%), which permit incremental progression through the classes. PDF documents are also provided to assist as you review each module, and you will also have access to very effective formats and philosophies. To this point, you may feel that this is a familiar type of program, but the astounding thing is that all of the material is completely new, previously unseen, and is intended to produce a multitude of leads and exponentially increase traffic. It is no secret that web traffic and solid leads are the critical component to online income generation, though in the past, a great deal of SEO work was necessary. This course requires no SEO whatsoever!

Molly Dalbec offers affiliate marketing, product development and tutorials in list creation. That is useful for people who could use additional instruction on ancillary subjects to those covered by Traffic Omega. An exclusive Internet forum is provided so that participants are able to network with others and exchange insights. Also terrific is the availability of discussion sessions each week in addition to audio lectures. To learn more about Traffic Omega, simply hit the link that follows at the end of the article.

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