Trevo LLC is a MLM company that was founded recently but they stand out with the product and the benefits they offer. In this review we will see what we have to consider if you want to join this opportunity. Founded in Oklahoma by Mark and Holli Stevens, people with a considerable experience in MLM and in building teams with thousands of members, Trevo LLC has a strong team of Health and Life Coaches who sustain their activity.

The company sells a product called Trevo, an energy drink made from more than 174 natural nutraceuticals such as acai berries, amalaki fruit, gotu kola, aswhaghanda or mangosteen. This natural juice helps you in many ways: it gives you more energy, an incredible state of well being, it helps you concentrate better, it strengthens your immune system, it stops the aging process and it contribute to a healthy digestive system. The product is one hundred percent organic, including the package which is biodegradable. A Trevo bottle costs 50$.

The compensation plan is an innovation: it’s a single line matrix that helps you earn from every person who registers in your downline.

It’s easy to join Trevo because the costs are very low. There are 8 ways through you can earn money:

Mainly are the retail sales:you receive a 40% commission from the product’s sale. There are also the matching bonuses: when somebody from your downline signs up someone else you receive 20% of his commission. Let’s not forget group volume commissions,bulk pack commissions(183$),team volume recognition bonus,leadership bonuses and charity bonuses. As we can see the compensation plan is well structured and can bring you huge benefits on longterm.

The most beautiful part is that Trevo offers you one of the most complex and most efficient training programs of all the MLM companies. So,they offer prospecting via telephone training and internet marketing training. You receive a personalized website and lead capture pages already made to help you recruit as many leads as possible. Once you have your prospects’ contact details you receive a follow up system to help you build a strong connection with them.

Is Trevo LLC a legitimate business?

It certainly is, considering the research they made,their reputation,and all the advantages they offer with the compensation plan.

I personally like this business for their ingenuity and for the internet marketing training they offer.

In conclusion, Trevo can be a very good business opportunity for you, and if you invest time, energy, perseverance and training you will certainly become one of the company’s top winners, if you really want this!

Source by Dascalul Radu

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