Understanding Pay Per Click (PPC) And Cost Per Click (CPC) For Your Business

  • September 23, 2022
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Most SEO companies can provide a number of monthly management plans for clients and customers wanting to pass on to us the management of their pay per click advertising, so no matter what your budget is, they can help you complete and achieve all of your goals and objectives and make your campaigns more efficient and effective.

What Is Pay Per Click?

Pay Per Click is the process of paying for every click you receive from a search engine, using their Sponsored Results, normally at the top of the search or to the top right hand side.

10% of clicks on a search engine are currently reported to be users clicking on the Pay Per Click results, so for every 100 searches and click throughs, 10 people will use the sponsored results, rather than the natural results.

For example, run a search for Washing Machines in Google.

The search results will have a light orange box at the top, with two or three results in, and then on the right hand side you will see a list of adverts, normally 7 or 10 to a page.

These are the Sponsored Results, and depending how much you bid for on a keyword, this is where your results would appear. The more you bid, the higher you rank.

PPC is an effective way of getting traffic to your website in the early months of it being live, and also a valuable marketing tool throughout the life span of the website. Just as you would probably pay for an advert in the news paper, you really should think about online advertising, and PPC is one of the most effective, as you control how much you spend and how you spend it.

Why Should I Pay For Traffic?

PPC is part or could be part of any online marketing or advertising. Most people spend money when it comes to offline advertising and the reason for doing this is obvious, increased exposure and therefore increased enquiries and sales.

PPC is not really any different. You are paying to get more exposure against thousands of other people doing the same. The nice thing with PPC is there are thousands of words and alternatives to any main keyword and you can assign the budget, and you can still get good results from being on the second or third page of the sponsored results.

If you are competing against thousands of others doing the same thing or offering the same service, or your site is quite new and still being indexed and dancing in the search engines, PPC is still an efficient and cost effective measure of driving traffic to you site. Many of the biggest companies in the world assign a PPC budget, as it really can be a useful measure to increase visits and sales, and we can help to make sure you get the best results, no matter what your budget is.


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